woman\'s hair entangled in farm machine that \'pulled her to her death\'

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-24
A 20-year-
The court heard that an old woman died after her hair and clothes on the drive shaft of the milling machine had been \"cruelly wound.
On March 4, 2017, at the time of the accident, Lauren Scott volunteered at a small farm near Dorish, before the royal court of Exeter.
She was killed at the scene with multiple injuries. The land-
Neil Carpenter, a 45-year-old owner, was charged with manslaughter, which he denied.
More stories from Devon and Cornwall.
Miss Scott\'s hair and clothes were caught. off (PTO)
The court was told that the machine was connected with the tractor.
David Sapiecha of the prosecution said that the pre-trial committee was set up
WW2 milling machines in Springfield Farm Barn are \"inadequate and dangerous \".
PTOs are often used to power farm machinery with tractor engines, he said.
Mr. Sapiecha said that it was \"basic farm safety\" to completely cover the PTO axis spinning at variable speeds \".
He said that the PTO cover of the milling machine was \"useless\" because it was \"sunken and broken\" and did not find some parts of the shaft.
To Miss Scott, he said: \"Her hair and clothes are stuck on the PTO axis at some point, and the effect is instantaneous and disastrous.
\"The energy generated and the speed available make the system very dangerous and it is impossible for her to pull away or even react.
\"The court heard the case in which the original force caused the clothes of the 5\'2\" animal lover to be torn off by her.
Mr. Carpenter, the traffic administrator, had previously admitted two violations of health and safety regulations, failed to ensure the safety of Miss Scott and the other two on 2015, and later told the police that the milling machine was broken and should not be used.
Mr Sapiecha told the juror Mr Carpenter that he called Mr Carpenter \"careless\" about safety, claiming that he had not told Miss Scott, I don\'t know her either, but the police found a video of her shooting that showed him starting the machine.
\"He lied and was stumbled upon by that video,\" he added . \".
The trial continues.
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