Why does the door and window processing equipment industry prefer to use aluminum as door and window materials?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-27
Why does the door and window aluminium processing machine industry prefer to use aluminum as door and window materials? To some extent, aluminum window frames are considered a different kind of window frames. It is said that they also have poor insulation value and poor ecological balance. Therefore, window frames made of wood or plastic are still more commonly used. However, in recent years, the production process of aluminum window frames has been greatly improved. Therefore, now there are window frames made of aluminum, which can compete with high-quality PVC-U and wooden frame windows in terms of insulation value. This guide reveals when aluminum framed windows are suitable for use, and what else you need to know when deciding whether to use this type of window. King Tool believes that aluminum has many characteristics and is very advantageous when used as a frame material. Aluminum is a very common metal, extracted from the widely used ore bauxite. Aluminum is very strong and light at the same time. Therefore, this metal is ideal for all structural applications. This means that large and stable aluminum window frames can be manufactured, but the static pressure on the house is very small. In addition, aluminum is very resistant to pressure, which can prevent break-in. Another advantage of aluminum is its insensitivity when exposed to the environment: aluminum is weather resistant and will not rust. Aluminum is also very easy to recycle. Therefore, once bauxite is mined, it can be reused many times. Aluminum can be treated with different surface treatments. However, aluminum also has other characteristics, which is very disadvantageous in the construction of windows. Aluminum has very high thermal conductivity. For example, this is many times higher than the content of wood. In addition, if it is not painted, aluminum will produce a kind of patina after a certain period of time. This effect has no effect on the durability of the material, only its appearance. The production of finished aluminum from ore bauxite requires a lot of energy. Therefore, the ecological balance of aluminum-at least in terms of the production process-may not be as good as the human eye, but in any case, it still has many advantages over some traditional doors and windows. This is why the door and window aluminium processing machine industry prefers to use aluminum as a The reason for the materials of doors and windows. 393
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