Why does the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment need to ensure the normal power supply

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-09
Why does the broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium machine need to ensure the normal power supply? This is because if the power supply is unstable, it will cause the door and window equipment at work to fail, which requires a waste of time and cost to repair, and even cause more serious problems, especially when the equipment is running at some critical moments. In the production process of door and window manufacturers, the power supply of door and window aluminium machine will have several problems. In fact, these problems are quite normal. Here, we will describe the damage caused by frequent power outages or unstable equipment voltage, hoping to attract the attention of all door and window manufacturers. The instability of power supply will not only affect the production of enterprises, but also cause certain damage to the aluminum doors and windows of the bridge: 1. Equipment downtime. Even if there is no physical damage, the program or programmable controller logic is prone to failure, data loss, or software damage. CNC data (including operating system, parameters, programs, etc.) must be rebuilt or replaced from scratch. Unstable power supply can also cause the system computer to hang unexpectedly, and the system NC-PLC restart is blocked or abnormally activated, causing the CNC system to stop responding, resulting in unstable system operation. Restart (usually shut down) the computer to restore the software to normal operation. 2. Equipment performance is degraded. When generating unstable voltage, excessive pressure (fluctuation) functions over a long period of time, reducing the service life of electronic circuit components and equipment, the total life of monitor electronic components and equipment, monitor doors and windows. They are also common problems in the operation of various doors and windows. 3. The equipment parts are damaged. An unstable power supply or food will damage frequently, and some electronic components such as CPU, i/o interface board control, CRT display LCD or LED, memory, hard disk and other storage devices and communication interfaces, etc. Severe transient overvoltage will burn the electronic components or circuit boards of the door and window system and affect the normal operation of the system. Therefore, all door and window companies must ensure the stability of the power supply in the workshop to avoid the failure of door and window aluminium machine. Electrical and lighting circuits should be separated, and workshop equipment should be well grounded. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the equipment must comply with the operating standards of the equipment, and there must be no illegal or barbarous operations. The equipment must be maintained and inspected in a timely and regular manner to avoid undesirable operations. Only in this way can frequent equipment failures be avoided and the service life and work efficiency of the equipment can be improved. 293
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