Where aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment need to be carefully inspected

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-05
There are many places where you need to pay attention to careful inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The machine believes that careful inspection is an important step for the machine to run well and not to buy poor quality equipment. Speaking of aluminum alloy accessories and equipment, we should be able to know from the name that it is used to produce aluminum alloy accessories, but in fact, for this kind of medium and large equipment, we need to know some technologies and choose in this regard. Otherwise, it is not a fake product. Secondly, what is the main content of the equipment inspection of aluminum alloy accessories? 1. The geometric accuracy of the part, including the accuracy of the size, shape and mutual position of the surface. Regular inspection items include size, cylindricity, roundness, flatness, straightness, coaxiality, parallelism, squareness and runout. Due to maintenance characteristics, relative matching accuracy may be required, rather than the geometric dimensions of individual parts. 2. The surface quality of the workpiece includes defects such as surface roughness, surface wear, corrosion, cracks, spalling, scorching, and cracks. 3. In addition to the hardness and the depth of the hardened layer, the physical and mechanical properties of the parts also need to be properly checked for the stress, balance, elasticity, stiffness, vibration and other performance characteristics of the parts during the manufacturing and maintenance process. 4. The results show that sexual defects include internal slag, pores, pores, voids, welding defects and microcracks generated during use. 5. The material properties such as the alloy composition of the rubber material, the thickness of the carburized layer, the uniformity of the material parts, the separation of the dielectric graphite and the degree of aging were investigated. 6. There is a big difference in the static balance and the quality of the parts between the piston connecting rod assembly and the crankshaft, fan, wheel and other high-speed rotating parts. 7. The mating condition of the parts, including the coaxiality, parallelism, meshing condition and mating strength of the parts. 8. The adhesion of the surface layer material of the part to the substrate, such as the adhesion of electroplating, thermal spraying, and surfacing layer to the substrate metal. The bond strength of mechanically fixed joints. The bonding strength of the bearing alloy and the shell. 9. Accurately measure the friction and wear of aluminum profiles, doors and windows and other equipment parts, and determine whether it can be used continuously according to the wear limit. 10. As for the cylinder block and cylinder head of the internal combustion engine, it is necessary to conduct a sealing test to check for leaks. The inspection of aluminum alloy equipment is the above points, I hope you can refer to these points when purchasing. If you have other requirements, please let me know (check our broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine and plastic steel door and window equipment). 194
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