What is the difference between CNC drilling and milling machines for aluminum doors and windows?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-24
Everyone knows that differentiation is the soul of marketing and branding. Marketing without differentiation is generally a failed marketing. But the vast majority of Chinese companies are engaged in homogeneous competition, and even many companies say that because they do not have the technology, they cannot differentiate. In fact, what marketing sells is not physical value, but perceived value. As long as consumers can change the perceived value of products and brands, differentiation will be realized. The shape and red dot of the THINKPAD laptop computer is a unique symbol and the gene of the brand. It enhances consumers' emotional recognition of the brand. In fact, it is also a very valuable differentiation. CNC drilling and milling machines for aluminum doors and windows, even the appearance and symbols, are very valuable differentiation. It can be seen that many companies feel that they cannot find brand differentiation because we have not opened up or expanded the rich dimensions of differentiation. Brand differentiation has the following Dimension: Personalized brand core value. Since the brand core value is the key benefit that the brand provides to consumers, it is the main motivation for consumers to agree to like a certain brand and are willing to buy a certain brand. Of course, it should be the brand association that consumers remember It is clear and can associate with the brand as soon as it is mentioned. The unique and important position of aluminum profile in the research and development, innovation and production of manufacturing products makes the manufacturing capacity and level of aluminum profile an important symbol of national innovation capabilities. The quality of aluminum profile manufacturing equipment is directly related to the level of aluminum profile technology. As aluminum profile manufacturing becomes more refined, as high-speed, composite, intelligent, environmentally friendly, etc. have become the mainstream trend of aluminum alloy processing equipment manufacturing in the world, aluminum profile manufacturing has put forward higher requirements for equipment and technology. CNC aluminum alloy aluminium processing machine is required to meet high-speed, high dynamic accuracy, high rigidity, thermal stability, and high reliability. Networking and matching control systems have individual characteristics. Various advanced software are used for aluminum alloy door and window aluminium processing machine. The overall operation achieves openness and compatibility. If you want to choose the right machining center, you must carefully read the following three points. The editor under the CNC drilling and milling machine for aluminum doors and windows will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose the right machining center? 1. Determining the object to be processed Before determining the purchase object, you must first clarify the object to be processed. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for machining in a machining center: Multi-process intensive workpiece refers to a workpiece that requires many tools for processing. For workpieces with cumbersome positioning, such as a multi-hole machining with positioning hole pitch accuracy requirements, it is easy to implement by using the high positioning accuracy of the machine tool. Repetitive production type workpieces are suitable for single-piece small batch production. The small batch of aluminum doors and windows CNC drilling and milling machine refers to 1-100 pieces, each batch is not many, but it needs repeated production. In addition, even if the shapes and sizes of the workpieces are different, but they are similar workpieces, it is easy to realize the parts of the group machining (GT) process. Complicated shape workpieces such as complex shape parts molds and aviation parts can be processed on the machining center with the help of automatic programming technology. Box and plate parts are processed on the horizontal machining center using the rotary table to process the box parts, such as spindle box, pump body, valve body, internal combustion engine cylinder, etc.
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