What is the automatic double-head aluminum profile cutting machine: Introduction to product features

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-25
Automatic double-head aluminum cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine equipment that is mostly used to cut aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. This article introduces its product features and features from the machine, which is based on the higher standards of the industry. , Does not represent mechanical equipment parameters and functions. If you need to understand our products, please move to: Aluminum profile digital display double-head precision cutting saw LJZ2-CNS-600/550/500×4200 and the list of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment Cutting machine/cutting saw equipment. Designed for PVC and aluminum profile cutting, the industry's high-standard equipment of the automatic double-head aluminum profile cutting machine has the characteristics of: input the cutting length size and angle from the LCD display on the control panel. The head is automatically positioned at 45° and 90°, the middle angle can be easily adjusted. The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 550 mm. The disk output is a 200 mm servo motor motion system, which can achieve fast positioning and very large cutting accuracy. Provides a high-precision linear motion system. Horizontal pneumatic clamping kit. Pneumatic clamping system, small cutting system, memory size of 500 steps, including the number of cuts, length and angle, the possibility of manual length size adjustment, magnetic rule length control system, PLC control system, aluminum profile cutting, hydropneumatic and cooling system, multi-language support Repeated cutting procedures; fixed length-fixed angle ultra-long cutting procedures (over 4 metric tons), adjustable cutting speed, single-head operation possibility, industrial dust removal movable head bearing conveyor intermediate profile support, long-size cutting has been paid special attention to mechanical and Electrical safety measures. Power protection system is protected from voltage overload. Servo control mechanical motion. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'What is the automatic double-head aluminum profile cutting machine'. If you have any questions about the content of this article You can call our company for support. 169
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