What are the processing equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-08
What are the processing equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? There are many equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, mainly including cutting saws and cutting machine equipment for broken bridge aluminum profiles, end milling machine equipment, corner assembly equipment, integrated machine equipment, drilling and milling machine equipment and so on. Double-head cutting saw for broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine 1. Used for cutting industrial aluminum profiles for door and window production. 2. The moving and feeding device adopts imported linear bearing system to ensure the accuracy of machine operation and cutting and stable performance. 3. The equipped digital display system can easily and automatically read the accurate cutting length and quantity, which ensures a high-precision reloading position and easy operation. 4. The cutting angle is 45° (outward) and 90°, and the angle can be adjusted automatically. 5. Imported carbide saw blade with gas-liquid damping device makes cutting quality high and long service life. 6. The automatic opening protective cover with rubber seal makes the operator safer. 7. Equipped with a spray cooling system, which increases the service life of the saw blade. Keyhole drilling and milling equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment 1. It is used for the profiling processing of various holes, grooves and water tanks on aluminum and PVC window frames. 2. Adopt two imitation methods: imitation template and auxiliary positioning, which can meet more abundant needs. 3. Adopt the foot switch to control the pressing cylinder, which is safe and reliable, and it is more reliable to use. 4. It has the characteristics of compact structure and small volume, which improves work efficiency. The profiling milling machine for the aluminium processing machine of broken aluminum doors and windows 1. It is a special machine used to process the mounting holes and grooves of the transmission device of PVC/UPVC/plastic/vinyl doors and windows. 2. It is composed of a duplicate route of horizontal slot and vertical slot. 3. The belt accelerates to a high milling speed (12000r/min). 4. The water tank can be processed through the pneumatic drive system. Only one clamping can realize vertical and horizontal processing. Two working procedures can be realized in one clamping, which effectively guarantees the fine position between the hole and the groove. 1 tool is used for keyhole milling, and 3 tools are used for profile milling. 5. Before you buy the machine, please confirm and tell me your local power supply, and then we can make the right choice according to your real voltage. 568
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