What are the performance advantages of aluminum doors and windows produced by aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-05
What are the performance advantages of aluminum doors and windows produced by aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment? In many fields, aluminum has proven to be a modern material. Aluminum windows are popular because of their lightweight structure and material properties. On the other hand, aluminum windows used to be less efficient in terms of heat preservation. With the improvement of aluminum window production methods, this situation has changed-with high-quality glass, aluminum windows are an important competitor of wooden windows or plastic windows. The price of aluminum windows is higher than windows made of other materials, but they have other advantages. Advantages of aluminum alloy door and window equipment processing products. A full set of broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine manufacturers mechanically believe that the main feature of aluminum windows is durability: this kind of plastic window material has particularly strong resistance to weathering. If you want to avoid frequent maintenance and expensive repairs, aluminum windows are a good choice. Different coatings ensure various design and application possibilities. Although about 95% of old aluminum windows can be recycled, the ecological balance of aluminum windows is not as good as wooden windows. For example, production is very energy intensive. High-quality aluminum windows with good thermal insulation are more expensive than wooden windows or plastic windows with the same U value. The price of larger aluminum windows has risen rapidly. In addition to the higher price of aluminum windows, thermally insulated aluminum windows have the advantage of not forming condensation on them: sweaty aluminum windows represent a major damage to the quality of life. Regarding the thermal insulation capacity of broken aluminum doors and windows, door and window equipment manufacturers believe that the decisive factor in choosing aluminum windows is the heat transfer coefficient, that is, the U value. This shows how hot a component is. The lower the U value of a component, the better the thermal insulation performance. For a long time, aluminum windows have been manufactured in one piece. This quickly leads to the formation of thermal bridges, and the U value of aluminum windows is worse than that of plastic windows or wooden windows. However, with the emergence of new manufacturing processes, the situation has improved. The inner and outer aluminum shells are separated by an insulating core, which greatly improves the U value of the aluminum window. However, so far, it's not just the U value (Uf) of the window frame that plays a role. Glass (Ug value) also plays a particularly important role. In the current three-layer glass, the higher thermal conductivity of the aluminum frame can easily be compensated. The total Uw value of modern aluminum windows (the U value of the entire window) is 0.9-1.3, which exceeds the requirements of EnEV. In addition to complying with the 'Energy Conservation RegulationsIn this case, aluminum windows can become a suitable solution for the overall concept. 396
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