What are the operating specifications of the corner forming machine?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-25
Corner forming machines are often seen in daily life, but many people don’t know how to operate the corner forming machines correctly. Today, let’s take a look at the operating specifications of the corner forming machines! The corner assembly machine is a special equipment for the production of broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, which is suitable for 90 degree angle connection of corner structure aluminum doors and windows. In some areas, it is also called corner squeezing machine, corner collision machine, and corner corner aluminium machine. According to the different angles that can be assembled, it is divided into single-head angle forming machine, double-head angle forming machine, and four-head angle forming machine. Before using the corner forming machine, it is necessary to fill up the lubricating oil, clean the working site and worktable of the corner forming aluminium machine, and adjust the tool plane to be parallel to the worktable surface. Loosen the overflow valve, press the hydraulic start button, observe the rotation direction of the motor, and observe the motor should rotate clockwise when viewed from above. If the direction is wrong, please change the relative position of the three-phase line. Set the linkage switch on the panel to 'linkageAdapt. The pressure of the hydraulically powered corner forming machine should be reasonable. If the pressure is too high, it will cause deformation of the profile. When using the corners, the protective film near the end of the profile angle should be torn off, and the end faces should be cleaned. Nothing can stick to it to prevent gaps behind the corners. Wear personal protective equipment correctly, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited. After the work is completed, turn off the power first, and clean the work surface and the sanitation around the equipment. The corner forming aluminium machine needs to be inspected and maintained from time to time to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. Regularly maintain and inspect the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with diseases. The above is the operating specifications of the corner assembly machine. When using the machine, it must be used in strict accordance with the correct regulations. It can not only improve work efficiency, but also eliminate unnecessary accidents. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone!
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