What are the mold processing equipment? NJPE tells you

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-17
Precision mold processing equipment determines the quality and performance of the mold to a large extent. In terms of equipment capability, NJPE has always believed that only top equipment can create high-end precision molds, as we all know, Japan has always been at the forefront of precision equipment manufacturing. Japan imports top-level equipment from Makino, Toshiba and Mitsubishi, and realizes standardized equipment management by selecting equipment of similar brands and models, the machining accuracy can reach 0. 001mm; A100E in horizontal CNC equipment can clamp 302 tools, and A66E can operate unattended and automatically for 18 consecutive hours; The maximum rotation speed of F5, A33i, A56i and other machine tools in vertical CNC is 30 thousand rpm. 26 Mitsubishi WEDM. NJPE has seven categories of precision machining equipment, CNC equipment, precision grinding machine equipment, WEDM equipment, EDM equipment, testing equipment, trial production equipment and other equipment. Among them, the top CNC machining equipment includes Makino A100E, Makino precision graphite CNC, Toshiba five-axis gantry CNC and precision vertical CNC; Precision Grinder equipment includes optical curve grinder equipment and surface grinder equipment imported from Japan; WEDM Mitsubishi's full range of equipment 10 S, 20 S, 30 V, machine tool with automatic threading function, AR function, no need to correct the workpiece parallelism to achieve high precision machining, up to 0. 002mm precision machining. Makino EDM, machine tool with ATC electrode library, more than 1000 kinds of processing conditions to deal with the processing of various complex parts, can achieve 0. 005mm precision machining, surface roughness Ra0. Mirror processing of 2μm. The testing equipment includes FQC testing and IPQC testing equipment. It adopts IPQC Zeiss three-coordinate full series, CONTURA G2 776 RDS and CONTURA G2 10216 RDS, which can measure curved surfaces with an accuracy of 1. 8 μ m. The trial-produced equipment includes 6 injection molding machines with a maximum tonnage of 1300 T. The others are 250 T, 380 T, 530 T, 700T and 180T Motors for high precision injection molding machines. In other equipment, EDCAM external programming and ATC application realize EDM automatic processing. NJPE has the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection molds and precision stamping molds, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. , NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Precision injection mold development NJPE leads the trend of high precision, automobile lamp mold design NJPE molding structure optimization balance quality and cost
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