What are the components of the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-03
There are many components of the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment, which are mainly specified according to your own requirements. As mentioned in the previous article, the number of equipment required for different needs is also different. More equipment not only improves the production efficiency of broken aluminum doors and windows, but also improves the quality of doors and windows. We should first talk about the cutting equipment for thermally insulated and broken aluminum windows. Due to the different connection and angle modes of the frame body and the fan body, the cutting equipment of the thermally insulated aluminum window and the cutting equipment of the plastic steel door and window are not exactly the same. Among them, the cutting equipment for thermally insulated aluminum doors and windows includes double-head saws and angle code cutting saws for aluminum doors and windows. The machine tools mainly include CNC fine-cutting sawing machine, digital display fine-cutting sawing machine, fine-cutting sawing machine and ordinary double-headed fine-cutting sawing machine. Among them, the CNC precision cutting saw is a fine cutting saw with fast processing speed, high efficiency and high precision. The CNC fine-cutting sawing machine has the same processing effect as the fine-cutting sawing machine. The former has a digital display function, which makes it more convenient, quick and accurate for people to fix the length of doors and windows, and improves the production efficiency of door and window processing. Both are very suitable for medium-sized projects of bridge aluminum thermal insulation doors and windows thermal insulation circuit breakers. Angle saws for bridge thermal insulation aluminum doors and windows are mainly divided into CNC type, automatic type and semi-automatic type. Ordinary customers will choose a fully automatic angle saw, as long as we put the angle saw on the worktable and then determine the cutting size. The corner configuration of bridge type aluminum alloy heat-insulating doors and windows is different from that of plastic-steel doors and windows. The former is connected by corner code, while the latter is welded by direct heating. Therefore, the thermal insulation equipment for bridge-type aluminum alloy doors and windows will have angle dividing machines. Angle dividing machines are mainly divided into four angle machines, double angle machines and single angle machines. In terms of cost performance, the single-head hydraulic angle dividing machine is a very good choice, and it is also a very widely used angle dividing door and window equipment on the market. As for the four-corner and double-corner machines, they are rarely used in factory processing by ordinary customers. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Equipment'. If you have any questions about the content of this article, you can call our company for support, or directly view our door and window equipment product list . 131
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