What are the components of a complete set of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-07
A complete set of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment is actually more complicated, especially when we are ready to put the production quality and the diversification of the products in an important position, the more common ones are cutting saws, milling machines, angle saws, and box lock machines. , The combination of 6 equipments of pneumatic punching machine and corner forming aluminium machine. This is considered to be a relatively basic 6 equipments. Next, we will carefully analyze the corresponding functions and related knowledge of these 6 equipments. 1. Cutting saw First of all, we will think of the cutting saw in the aluminium processing machine of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Generally, double-head fine cutting saws are used for aluminum alloy doors and windows. This saw is suitable for engineering customers. It is suitable for cutting aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain wall profiles, and also for cutting corner profiles. The two saw heads can automatically change the angle to realize the angle cutting of 45 and 90 profiles. The feeding system adopts imported linear guide line with high precision and long service life. Imported cemented carbide saw blade with high machining accuracy and strong durability. Imported linear bearings have stable working accuracy. The high-precision spindle makes the rotation of the saw blade stable. The gas-liquid damping cylinder realizes uniform adjustment of feed speed and stable movement. The protective cover opens and closes automatically, making it safe and convenient to work. 2. The second milling machine is the choice of face milling machine, which adopts high-efficiency face milling machine. The machine is equipped with four milling cutters, which can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and front and rear. Suitable for processing various profiles. Multiple profiles can be milled at one time, with high processing efficiency and simple operation, suitable for mass production. 3. Angle saw is another angle saw, which is a professional door and window cutting equipment used by door and window processing enterprises to cut aluminum corner codes when producing broken aluminum doors and windows. If it is an ordinary door and window operation, use a 450-square-yard saw to cut it. The saw can automatically feed, automatically cut corners, and automatically count and cut corners. The number of pieces to be cut is set in advance, and it will automatically stop after cutting. It is simple and convenient to use. 4. The box lock machine is followed by the box lock machine equipment, which is used to process the lock boxes of PVC and aluminum alloy doors and windows, as well as the drainage grooves and hardware installation grooves of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment. You can choose single-axis copy milling, and the equipment is equipped with different templates, which can be selected according to needs. 5. Pneumatic punching machine Pneumatic punching machine professionally punches the aluminum alloy door and window hardware of the horizontal opening of the bridge aluminum door and window equipment and the inner opening of the installation hole and slot. 6. The corner aluminium machine is a special equipment for producing high-grade broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is suitable for 90-degree angle connection of aluminum alloy doors and windows with corner structure. Under normal circumstances, you can choose a single-head angle steel assembly machine, which is easy to operate. If the engineering volume is large, a double-ended angle steel assembly machine can be added to assemble two angle steels at a time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The above is the relevant knowledge about 'what are the components of a set of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine' The better, the choice should be based on the status quo of different companies. 78
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