What are the commonly used insulating glass processing equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-13
What are the commonly used insulating glass processing equipment? Generally speaking, there are glass production machinery and equipment (used to produce the glass itself), glass cutting machine (cutting the finished glass), glass corner aluminium machine (processing the corners of the cut glass), and inert gas Filling machine (a machine used to fill the gas in the central control part) and so on. Insulating glass equipment is a special equipment for producing insulating glass. Insulating glass is used to separate two or more sheets of flat glass with a spacer frame, sealed with two layers of sealant, forming a closed space in the middle, and filled with inert gas. It has excellent properties such as heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-freezing, and anti-condensation. A kind of glass. The main production processes of insulating glass include glass cutting, glass edge sealing, glass cleaning, aluminum spacer installation, sealant sealing, inert gas filling, etc. Commonly used equipment mainly includes vertical insulating glass production line, glass cutting machine, glass washing machine, glass corner aluminium machine, butyl rubber coating machine, two-component rubber coating machine, inert gas filling machine, etc. In the production process of insulating glass, some processes can be realized manually, such as cutting glass, two-component gluing, molecular sieve filling, etc. If the initial funding is difficult, related equipment can be temporarily omitted, but to make qualified insulating glass, a vertical insulating glass production line and a butyl rubber coating machine are necessary. Of course, it is difficult to achieve high-quality insulating glass without superior insulating glass equipment. The above is the introduction of commonly used insulating glass aluminium processing machine. We can find that for insulating glass, the production equipment is often becoming more complicated as the product is upgraded, and the type and quantity of equipment will also increase. , This is an iterative upgrade, which mainly depends on the products produced to determine the specific equipment to be used. 88
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