What are the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment? How to configure?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-29
What are the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment? How to configure? People can generally choose double-head saws, end mills, angle steel forming machines, profile milling machines, hardware punching machines and other door and window equipment to process broken aluminum doors and windows. The next is the combination of some door and window equipment recommended by the machine. Typical door and window equipment configuration 1. Economical configuration: double-head cutting saw (06 type), synchronous angle forming machine, end mill, hardware punch. 2. Basic configuration: precision cutting saw, automatic heavy-duty wire saw, synchronous angle grouping machine, end milling cutter, high-speed single-axis copy milling, hardware punching machine. 3. Luxurious configuration: digital display precision cutting machine, automatic heavy-duty angle steel wire saw, sinking heavy-duty synchronous angle steel forming machine, compound end milling machine, high-speed single-axis profile milling machine, hardware punching machine. What are the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment? Insulation broken bridge aluminum equipment, also known as thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment or bridge broken equipment, is mainly used for the processing and manufacturing of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. 1. There must be a double-head cutting saw, which is the equipment for processing broken aluminum. The number of broken bridge aluminum double-head cutting saws is relatively large, there are about 12 different types, large and small. When buying a double-head saw, it is important to choose a double-head saw that suits your production and processing needs. If you are doing odd jobs and the annual output is very low, then you can choose a less efficient double-head saw. If you are doing engineering, you should choose a double-head precision cutting saw, at least for broken aluminum equipment. 2. Next is a corner saw. This is based on your situation. You need to pay attention when buying. If you are doing home improvement, you can choose a double-headed saw with angle steel wire cutting ability. Then your angle steel wire processing volume is not large, so buy angle steel wire Saw, and there is no need to buy this kind of bridge aluminum equipment. For on-site customers, you can use an automatic angle wire saw or a CNC angle wire saw. 3. The third type is the end milling machine. This kind of broken bridge aluminum equipment can be divided into three types: small end milling, end milling and large end milling. Attention should be paid when buying, small end milling for odd jobs, end milling for engineering, and big end milling. I will slowly introduce the difference between them later. 4. The fourth type is the corner forming aluminium machine. This kind of damaged aluminum equipment is something we should pay attention to. Generally speaking, the more one person does in the field, the more expensive the equipment that needs to be purchased. However, this group corner aluminium machine is an exception. According to the number of heads, there are three types of angle steel machines: single-head angle steel machine, double-head angle steel machine and four-head angle steel machine. If you follow the traditional way of thinking, you should buy a four-head angle forming machine. But in reality, most people use single-head angle forming machines. No work, convenient, easy to adjust, economical. 5. The fifth is punch. If you are making inner windows, it is your wise choice to buy a punching machine, which is fast in efficiency and beautiful in standard pressure. If you are doing external opening or sliding windows, then you should buy a profile milling machine to punch keyholes and gutters. The above are some selection guides for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. If you have any needs or questions about the purchase of equipment, you can contact Machinery to provide you with quality products and related technical support. 236
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