What are the automatic bridge breaking equipment for aluminum doors and windows?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-11
What are the automatic bridge breaking equipment for aluminum doors and windows? For door and window equipment, the automatic ones are generally cutting saw equipment, bending machine equipment, sink milling equipment, etc. This article recommends some automatic bridge-breaking aluminum door and window aluminium machine that you may like, and you can also quickly understand : A list of all automatic and fully automatic broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment. The aluminum door and window corner code automatic cutting saw LJJZ-450 is suitable for cutting and cutting aluminum door and window corner code profiles. Only one clamping can realize the continuous cutting of 6 meters of corner code profiles. The machine is simple to operate, reliable in performance, advanced in technology, and easy to maintain. The counter controls the number of blanks, and the operation is simple and convenient. The feed motion pair adopts linear motion bearings, which has low motion resistance and high precision. The feeding mechanism adopts an automatic feeding system, which is stable, reliable and efficient. The work clamping and sawing advance and retreat are controlled by a pneumatic system, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and has high productivity. A motor phase sequence protector is installed in the circuit system to improve the safety of the system. The automatic CNC roll bending machine WY-CNC-25T/20T is suitable for arc bending processing operations of various metal profiles or special profiles (aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles, thermally insulated bridge profiles). The machine adopts a fully automatic numerical control system and special arc bending software, and the operation is simple and convenient. System compensation can be carried out according to the rebound data of the profile, and the processing accuracy is high. Its product performance reaches European advanced CNC arc bending machine standards. Plastic profile double-axis automatic water trough milling SCX01-2 is suitable for processing various types of drainage channels and air pressure balance troughs for plastic doors and windows. Independent milling feed mechanism, no need for professional maintenance, high quality milling sink. The length of the milling sink is continuously adjustable within 60mm, which has a wide range of adaptability. By combining the upper machine head with the horizontal machine head, the processing of symmetrical holes and grooves at both ends of a profile can be quickly realized. 317
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