What are the aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment generally included?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-05
Aluminum alloy door and window equipment is generally matched according to the specific needs of customers. That is to say, we need a lot of equipment to work together to produce suitable door and window products. Next, follow King Tool to see which aluminum alloy door and window equipment generally includes . Generally speaking, there are 1 small precision material saw, 1 corner aluminium machine, 1 punch, 1 end face milling machine, and 1 corner saw. 1 CNC punching saw, 2 corner cutting machines, 1 punching machine, 1 middle end milling machine, 1 punching machine, 1 CNC corner cutting saw. Power requirements, 380 volts. Three-phase four-wire system. Equipped with compressors and other auxiliary tools, such as scissors, wallpaper cutters, hand drills, percussion drills, spirit levels, screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable wrenches, etc. The gas path requires the use of 1-inch PPR high-pressure resistant pipes and seamless steel pipes. Expanding knowledge of aluminum alloy doors and windows: First of all, when using aluminum alloy doors and windows, they should be opened or closed lightly, pushed and pulled naturally, not hard. This is not only laborious, but also affects the service life of doors and windows. Secondly, it is necessary to frequently use tools specially used to wake up doors and windows to clean doors and windows. This requires doors and windows to be beautiful, and not to cause problems due to dust in the sliding groove. Doors and windows are difficult to push and pull. Also, pay attention when cleaning doors and windows. It should be cleaned with a soft cloth and some neutral detergent. Do not use soap or washing powder commonly used in the kitchen at home, use some detergents with strong pH to clean. The main reason is that aluminum alloy doors and windows contain metal elements. Strong acid and strong alkali have a great corrosive effect on it. Will cause premature aging of doors and windows. When the weather is humid, use a dry cloth to wipe the wet areas of the doors and windows to ensure that the doors and windows slides are clean and dry, because the sliding of the doors and windows will increase the friction of the sliding grooves for a long time, so you can use less oil and wax Lubricants such as oil are used to lubricate the grooves of doors and windows and reduce their frictional resistance. Check other parts of doors and windows frequently, add lubricating oil regularly to keep them dry and clean. Always check the integration of door and window components, and tighten them in time if they are loose. It plays a key role in the sealing and heat preservation of the wool top and the glass glue, so it should be checked frequently. If it is dropped, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Thank you for reading. The above is the introduction of 'What are the aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment generally included'. If you have any questions about the content of this article, you can call our company for support. We can provide you with a complete set of door and window processing. Equipment. 119
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