What are the advantages of double-head cutting saws for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-28
What are the advantages of double-head cutting saws for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? Mechanical double-head cutting saw equipment (aluminum profile 45° dedicated CNC double-head cutting saw (inside swing) LZXJX-550×4200N) has many advantages, its main feature is that it can increase production efficiency in large quantities, thereby reducing labor costs And promote the competitiveness of enterprises. The specific advantages include: 1. It is suitable for high-precision and fast cutting of large-volume, large-width aluminum profiles, plastic profiles, copper materials, and wood. 2. The digital magnetic grid system automatically displays the cutting length dimension, with high repeat positioning accuracy and easy operation. (Only digital display models) 3. The use of automatic positioning and clamping system can achieve safe work. 4. The automatic oil mist cooling system is adopted to cool the saw blade to improve the quality of the sawing end face and prolong the life of the saw blade. 5. Fixed 45 degree angle cutting, cutting efficiency is higher. The cutting equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows includes double-head saws and corner cutting saws for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Mainly include CNC precision saw, digital display precision sawing machine, precision sawing machine and ordinary double-head sawing machine.   Among them, the CNC precision cutting machine has the advantages of fast processing speed, high efficiency and high precision. The processing effect of the digital display precision sawing machine is the same as that of the precision sawing machine. The difference is that the former has a digital display function. People can use the digital display to more conveniently, quickly and accurately determine the length and improve the processing efficiency of doors and windows. These two kinds of aluminum doors and windows are very suitable for medium-sized projects. The corner saws for thermal insulation bridge aluminum doors and windows are mainly divided into CNC type, automatic type and semi-automatic type. Generally, customers will choose the automatic corner code cutting machine, as long as we put the outline of the corner code on the worktable, and then set the cutting size.  The corner pattern of aluminum doors and windows of thermal insulation bridge is different from that of plastic steel doors and windows. The former is corner joint, and the latter is direct heating welding. Therefore, in the thermal insulation bridge aluminum door and window equipment, there will be a corner assembly machine. Corner forming machines are mainly divided into four-head corner forming machines, double-head corner forming machines and single-head hydraulic corner forming machines. In terms of performance and price ratio, the single-head hydraulic corner forming aluminium machine is a very good choice, and it is also a very widely used corner door and window equipment on the market today. 190
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