We attended the 26th Window Door Facade Expo China 2020


Dear cutomers,

Thank you so much for visiting us during the 26th Window Door Facade Expo China 2020 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. 

During the expo, we showed KT-S700 Aluminum CNC Machinine, KT-333M Thermal-break Profile Corner Crimping Machine, KT-CNC313T CNC End Milling Machine , KT-PZ230C CNC Milling and Drilling Machine , KT-383FDGS CNC Double Mitre Saw.

KT-333M Thermal Break Profile Corner Crimping Machine is improved based on KT-333K, use lifting hidden positioning structure, can save time on put material, higher production efficiency, suitable for high less than 120mm, width less than 80mm, thickness less than 2mm aluminum profile .

KT-S700 Aluminum CNC Machine is with SIEMENS 828D system, SIEMENS servo drive, SIEMENS servo motor, Hiwin linear guide, Airtac pneumatic component etc, suitable for milling and drilling on aluminum curtain wall profile. High precision and efficiency.

KT-383FDGS CNC Double Mitre Saw is suitable for cutting aluminum curtain wall profile in different angle, also can cut compound angle.

KT-CNC313T CNC End Milling Machine is used for making tenon on aluminum window, door and curtain wall profile. It has 4-position tool magazine, can change tool automatically. Each set of tool is designed according to customer's profile.

We appriciate your coming and your guide. If you are interested in our machine, please feel free to let us know.


September, 2020

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