truck, $46k welding machine recovered in paterson after being stolen from jersey city: police

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-05-04
Jersey City police car.
Police reported that jpgA Ford trucks and welding equipment worth nearly $50,000 were recently stolen from a construction site in Jersey City, but after authorities followed them to an address in Patterson(
Log file photo)
A police report said a Ford truck and welding equipment worth nearly $50,000 had recently been stolen from a construction site in Jersey City, but they were tracked by authorities in Patterson.
Police responded shortly after 8 in the morning to a PSE & G Property on Van Keuren Avenue in Jersey City. m. On Oct.
Report on theft.
A foreman at the scene told police that a crew member arrived at 6: 30. m.
The report said the device was found to have been moved, damaged and stolen that morning.
The foreman informed police that the rent of a Miller 800 double professional welder and East Rutherford, worth about $46,000, was missing.
The worker also told police that a John Deere front loader had been moved and that the front door of a CAT compact track loader had been broken by hinges, police said.
An official, who then contacted the owner of the welder, reportedly told police that he used GPS to track Paterson\'s Third Avenue address.
A 2003 Ford work truck was also missing from the Van Keuren website, although it was not initially reported stolen at the time of discovery because the owner left it there over the weekend, police said.
Police in Jersey City then went to Paterson\'s address, where they tracked welding equipment and found a truck parked in the area.
Police said a careful inspection of the vehicle showed that the door lock was tampered with and the ignition switch was knocked off.
Police said that under the waterproof cloth covering the card lathe, police found a welding device that matched the description of the stolen machine reported in Jersey City.
The serial number on the machine matches the serial number of the equipment stolen from Van Keuren Avenue.
The New Jersey City Police Criminal Investigation Bureau (BCI)
Fingerprint identification of vehicles and welding equipment was also carried out.
The investigation will continue, police said, waiting for the results of the BCI.
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