Three principles for choosing aluminum profile processing center suppliers

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-09
Three principles for choosing an aluminum profile processing center supplier: First, the aluminum profile processing machine is very cheap and does not choose aluminum profile. Cost u003d spot price of aluminum ingot + processing fee for extruded aluminum profile + packaging material fee + freight. These are very transparent. The cost of aluminum profiles is almost the same, obviously lower than the market price. One possibility: the weight per meter is less; the second type: the aluminum ingots use recycled materials; the third type: amplify the cutting loss (not Sold by actual meters). Second: The aluminum profile processing center suppliers who only know how to sell materials don't choose many small companies to stock up their goods. They recruit a few wiring personnel, and they can open their doors by doing a lot of online promotion. Those who are often hurt are our buyers. Most of the wiring personnel do not know how to use, only the unit price. How to use it can meet the needs of customers; how to make it cost-effective; the connection method in different venues is good; these are not accurate answers. Only know that cheap profiles and cheap connection methods are recommended. Third: Choose a production-oriented aluminum profile processing machine supplier. The production-oriented aluminum profile processing center supplier is generally engaged in this industry for more than 5 years. He is also a user and has a wealth of practical experience. The quality and performance of the product are well understood and mastered, and we will recommend products with better cost performance that suit the needs of customers, and choose convenient and practical accessories.
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