Three milling machine equipment processing methods in the processing of broken aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-10
The three milling machine equipment processing methods in the processing of broken aluminum doors and windows include rough machining, HSC high-speed processing, HPC high-performance processing, etc. Different processing methods have their own characteristics and correspond to different aluminum profile cutting and processing needs. Three milling machine equipment processing methods 1. Finishing After roughing, finishing is used to achieve the required size and geometric accuracy, surface quality, deburring and preparation for subsequent processes. In the finishing process, special tools will be used to ensure a high cutting speed, extend the service life of the tools, and achieve a stable machining process. 2. HSC high-speed machining High-speed machining is an attempt to increase the metal removal rate Q by matching the cutting depth and width with a feed speed of more than 10 times. Compared with traditional milling methods, the material removal rate of HSC will increase by as much as 30%. At the same time, due to the short contact time between the cutting edge and the machined surface, better surface quality, lower cutting force and lower high temperature can be obtained. Processing applications can be used for thin-walled structural parts, turbine blades, molds or electrodes in the aerospace industry. HSC high-speed machining has a small load on the spindle of the machine tool, but it requires the machine tool to withstand continuous high-speed operation and have a fast dynamic response. 3. Although the implementation methods of HPC high-performance processing are different, the goal of HPC high-performance processing is to increase the metal removal rate Q to the extreme. Although the cutting speed Vc does not reach the level of HSC, the effect of the increase in cutting depth and width is completely different. Although the method of improving the processing speed and the efficiency of feed is applicable to almost all machine tools, the spindle will withstand very large forces. Since the surface processing quality is generally lower than HSC high-speed processing, HPC high-performance processing is mainly used for roughing. At the same time, it has lower requirements for CAM and programming systems. Expanding knowledge: door and window milling machine processing technology (1) The curve profile on the workpiece, such as straight line, arc, thread or spiral curve, especially the non-circular curve and table curve given by mathematical expressions. (2) The spatial curve or surface of the mathematical model has been given. (3) Although the shape is simple, the size is large and it is difficult to detect. (4) Inner cavities and boxes that are difficult to observe, control and detect when processed by ordinary machine tools. (5) Holes or planes with strict size requirements. (6) A simple surface or shape that can be processed in one clamping. (7) The use of CNC milling can effectively improve the production efficiency and reduce the general processing content of labor intensity. The main processing objects suitable for CNC milling are: plane contour parts, variable bevel parts, spatial curved surface contour parts, holes and threads, etc. The characteristics of milling machine equipment for broken aluminum doors and windows are suitable for milling of aluminum profile end faces to meet the coordination between the stile and the frame material. The seven-axis numerical control system is suitable for different profiles, and the operation is quick and convenient. Multiple profiles can be milled at one time, which is suitable for large batch and multi-variety processing technology. Store different profile programs in the computer, and change profiles without adjusting the cutter, which greatly improves work efficiency. The machine adopts numerical control technology, which can complete the automatic cutting of different specifications and sizes of profiles. When processing different profiles, there is no need to customize tools, thus shortening production preparation, cycle and cost. 551
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