There are several machines for processing aluminum doors and windows in broken bridges

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-11

At present, the equipment has been exported to more than ten countries including Korea, Russia, Mongolia and Japan. The company's development of a new generation of aluminum, plastic door and window welding equipment and insulating glass manufacturing systems, etc., is committed to the development of China's chemical building materials industry, can produce a variety of beautiful appearance, color, watertight, airtight, heat insulation, Aluminum, plastic door and window welding equipment and insulating glass, which are excellent in sound insulation, waterproof and corrosion resistance, and can meet various architectural requirements, have greatly improved the living environment of Chinese people.

The company has a plastic machine manufacturing plant, an aluminum machine manufacturing plant and an insulating glass machine manufacturing plant to make our customers more satisfied with better products, better service and more reasonable prices.

With strong machining strength, advanced management experience and assembly technology, the company pays attention to the selection of high-quality raw materials and accessories, so that Yuechen Machine always maintains high performance and high quality, and casts its own brand in this new industry.

Kingtool Aluminum Doors and Windows Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in door and window equipment and machinery processing for many years. Since its establishment, the company has adopted high starting point, high standard and high requirements from the aspects of talent management, production technology, product quality and market sales. The design, development, manufacturing and sales of products strictly implement industry standards.

I talked about several machines that process broken aluminum doors and windows.

Also known as broken aluminum door and window equipment or broken bridge equipment, mainly used to process broken aluminum doors and windows. Jinan Yuechen Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of broken bridge aluminum equipment. It has a complete range of equipment and a wide variety, which can meet the needs of the majority of friends in the bridge aluminum window and window processing factory. Today, the Lied machine editor introduces you to the broken bridge aluminum equipment. What should you pay attention to when purchasing the broken bridge aluminum equipment?

The first is that the broken bridge aluminum equipment must have a double-head cutting saw, which is a necessary equipment for processing broken aluminum doors and windows. There are many varieties of broken aluminum double-head cutting saws, and there are about a dozen types of large and small. When buying a double-headed saw, you should pay attention to choosing a double-headed saw that suits you according to your production and processing. If you are doing odd jobs and the annual production is very small, then you can choose a slow-moving double-headed saw. If you are working on a project, you should at least choose a double-head precision cutting saw for broken bridge aluminum equipment.

Second, there must be a corner cutting saw. This is also based on your situation, you need to pay attention when buying, if you do home improvement, you can choose a double-headed saw with a corner cutting function, so you don't have to buy a corner saw, because your corner processing volume is It is not necessary to buy such broken bridge aluminum equipment. For customers who work on the site, fully automatic corner saws or CNC angle saws are your essential bridge aluminum equipment.

The third is the face milling machine. There are three types of broken bridge aluminum equipment, small end milling, medium end milling, and large end milling. At the same time, everyone pays attention to the purchase of small end milling, engineering selection of mid-end milling, big end milling. As for the difference between them, the small series will be introduced later.

Fourth, the group angle machine. This broken bridge aluminum equipment is something everyone should pay attention to. Generally speaking, the more you work, the more you need to buy high-end, expensive equipment. However, the corner machine is an exception. According to the number of heads, the angle machine has a single head angle machine, a double head angle machine, and a four head angle machine. If you follow the conventional thinking, you must buy a four-headed corner machine for worksites, three or four hundred thousand one. But in fact, most of the people use the single-headed angle machine, which is zero-live, convenient, easy to adjust, and affordable.

KT-383F/DG aluminum alloy profile CNC double-head super-effect cutting sawing machine

This machine is used for cutting and cutting aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall profiles.

The two saw heads can be freely converted at 90° and 45°.

The cutting size is controlled by high-precision ball screw, the transmission precision is high and the positioning is accurate, and the right saw head can automatically move to the set position. The right handpiece can automatically feed the corners and cut the profiles.

It adopts a full set of Japanese numerical control system, including PLC, servo motor, servo drive, touch screen, photoelectric switch, switching power supply, etc., which makes the operation simple and stable and reliable.

The gas-liquid damper cylinder achieves uniform feed speed and stable operation.

The saw blade feeding system adopts the imported linear guide motion pair with high precision and good stability.

Automatic lifting and lowering cover makes work safe and convenient.

After sales service:


a) The host is guaranteed for one year and free for life (only component fees are charged).

b) Free installation and commissioning equipment.

c) Provide free and regular return visits to the equipment.

d) Train equipment operators and maintenance personnel for the user free of charge.

e) Provide industry information to users free of charge.

Sophisticated products and perfect service are the basis for sincere cooperation with you. Sincere pursuit and correct choice are our useful bridges. All employees of Jinan Yuechen Machinery warmly welcome friends from the door and window business community to come to our company for negotiation, guidance and total Seek development!

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