The machine takes you to understand how aluminum is produced into doors and windows through door and window equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-26
The machine takes you to understand how aluminum is produced into doors and windows through door and window equipment. Modern windows must first meet three requirements. They should have good insulation properties, be durable and easy to maintain. In order to make a window frame from aluminum that meets all three requirements, the following steps must be taken. Heat insulation: Aluminum itself has high thermal conductivity, which is detrimental to window frames. Modern aluminum window frames are designed to avoid this effect. Therefore, the new generation of aluminum windows is constructed with multiple layers. Then, the window frame has a thermal break between the two shells and an additional insulating material. In this way, aluminum window frames can compete with high-quality plastic and wood-frame windows in terms of thermal conductivity. The so-called Uf value is important when evaluating the thermal insulation of windows. The lower this number, the higher the thermal insulation performance. Surface treatment-used to process attractive and easy-to-care window frames. King Tool Machinery believes that because the untreated aluminum window frame will be oxidized, the aluminum has been surface-treated. Two main processes are used here, some of which are still being materialized. Anodizing treatment and powder coating. Anodizing treatment. The electrolysis process is used to form an oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum window frame. This oxide layer has strong resistance to weathering, so aluminum windows treated in this way will remain attractive for a long time. Possible colors. Silver, gold, copper powder coatings: In the so-called electrostatic process, a special powder (usually polyester or epoxy) is sprayed onto pre-treated aluminum window frames, then melted and baked. Possible colors: at least all RAL shades of powder paint with wooden decorative coating: In this process, in addition to the powder paint, paper with a wooden structure is also burned. This gives the aluminum window a wooden appearance, and this series of operations requires a lot of door and window aluminium processing machine to participate in it. 394
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