The Guide Of KT-328F/DG CNC Single Head Saw in heavy-duty (2-Axis)
KT-328F/DG CNC Single Head Saw in heavy-duty (2-Axis) plays an important role for the development of Kingtool.
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composite material is the indispensable material in its production. Various colors and sizes are available. We can customize size, shape or color to suit the specific need of our customers. The introduction of Germany PA 3-axis CNC system enables us to provide cost-effective and high-quality product. By virtue of such parameters as superb high-speed balance performance, high stability and safety characterize KT-328F/DG CNC Single Head Saw in heavy-duty (2-Axis). It finds application in various fields such as processing various kinds of holes of aluminum alloy profiles and sanitary ware materials, especially for aluminum window and door profile. It is CQC certified. The warranty shall expire 1 year(s) from the purchase date. Customized KT-328F/DG CNC Single Head Saw in heavy-duty (2-Axis) is available. Click here to see more information about KT-328F/DG CNC Single Head Saw in heavy-duty (2-Axis):

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