the end of chinese manufacturing and rebirth of u.s. industry

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-09
Held by Vivek WadhwaVice, president of academic and innovation at Singularity University.
People are very concerned about the reality of China.
Real estate and infrastructure bubbles.
But these are short-lived.
The long-term challenges China may have.
The real threat to China\'s economy is a bigger, longer-term manufacturing bubble.
By offering subsidies, cheap labor, lax regulation and manipulating the yuan\'s exchange rate, China is able to entice US companies to move their manufacturing operations to China.
Millions of American jobs flow to China, and manufacturing is the backbone of China\'s economic growth and prosperity.
But rising labor costs, concerns about the governmentsponsored I. P.
Theft and production time lag have led companies such as Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, General Electric and Ford to start moving some manufacturing back to the United States. S. from China.
Google recently announced that it will produce a Nexus Q streaming player in the United States. S.
This puts pressure on Apple to start following suit.
However, rising costs and political pressures cannot change the equation quickly.
This confusion will come from a series of technologies developed and integrated at an exponential rate.
These technologies include robots, artificial intelligence (AI)
3D printing and nanotechnology.
These have moved slowly so far, but are now starting to move exponentially like calculations.
Witness how computing has grown into smartphones in our pockets with more processing power than supercomputers in their 60 s. -
How the Internet, which also originated in its 60 s, embarked on an exponential growth path about 15 years ago has rapidly changed the way we work, shop and communicate.
This is the future of these new technologies.
Today\'s robots are not robots or Cylon we used to see in science.
Novel movies, but special electricity
Mechanical equipment controlled by software and remote control.
As computers become more and more powerful, the capabilities of these devices are becoming more and more powerful.
Robots are now able to perform surgery, milking, military reconnaissance and combat, and flying fighter jets.
Diy ers is reaching out to help.
There are dozens of start-ups, such as willow Garage, iRobot and sense 9, selling robots
Development Kit for college students and open
SOURCE Community.
They created more.
Advanced robots and these new applications.
For example, watch a video of the autonomous flying robot produced by Penn University professor Vijay Kumar and his students.
The factory assembly that the Chinese are working on is a children\'s game for the next generation of robots-
It will soon be cheaper than human labor.
In fact, one of the largest manufacturers in China, Taiwan-
Foxconn Technology Group announced on last August that it plans to install 1 million robots in three years to complete the work currently done by Chinese workers.
It found that the labor force in China is too expensive and the demand is too high.
The world\'s most advanced car Tesla sports car is also made in Silicon Valley, one of the most expensive places in the United States.
Tesla can afford it because it is assembling with a robot.
Then artificial intelligence (AI)--
If it was done by humans, we would call it intelligence.
After the post-80 s hype, we left AI behind, but it\'s still alive and still kicking ---
Fast forward.
It powers a variety of technologies.
This was the technology used in 1997 to beat the dark blue computer of chess master Gary Kasparov, which made Watsonto of ledim beat the TV
Show the Jeopardy Champion in 2011.
Artificial intelligence makes it possible to develop yourself
Driving cars, voice
Apple\'s Siri and face recognition system-
Facebook recently acquired recognition software.
AI technology is also entering the manufacturing industry and will allow us to design our own products at home with the help of AI
Design assistant.
How do we translate these designs into products?
By \"printing\" them at home or modern
Day Kinko\'s: shared public manufacturing facilities such as member-asTechShop
Based on the manufacturing workshop, use the new manufacturing technology that is now coming.
A manufacturing method called \"additive manufacturing\" makes the cost-
\"Print\" products effectively.
In traditional manufacturing, parts are produced by human use of electricity.
Driven machine tools, such as Saw, lathe, milling machine and drilling machine, can physically remove the material to obtain the desired shape.
This is a tedious process and becomes more difficult
Consumed as complexity increases.
In other words, the more complex the product you want to create, the more labor you need, and the more effort you make.
In additive manufacturing, parts are produced by melting continuous layers of material based on 3D models-
Instead of subtracting the material, add the material.
\"3D printers\" that produce these products use power metals, plastic droplets and other materials ---
Just like the toner cartridge that goes into the laser printer.
This allows the creation of objects without any tools or fixtures.
This process does not generate any scrap or additional costs due to complexity.
Just like when using a laser printer, when using a 3D printer, the cost of a page that fills a drawing is not much higher than a page that contains text, and we can print complex 3D structures, it costs about a brick.
3D printers can already make physical machinery, medical implants, jewelry and even clothing.
The cheapest 3D printer to print basic items currently costs between $500 and $1000.
Soon, we will have a printer for this price to print toys and household goods.
By the end of this decade, we will see a 3D printer.
Scale production of previous Labor force
Intensive crafts and goods.
As you can imagine, we will start 3D in the next ten years.
Printing Building and electronic products.
We will see more progress in the next decade.
Today, engineers and scientists are developing new materials such as carbon nanotubes and ceramics.
Nano-based composites and new carbon fiber.
These new materials make it possible to make stronger, lighter and more energy-efficient products
More efficient and durable than existing manufactured goods. A new field--
Molecular Manufacturing--
Further, it is possible to program molecules at low cost with atomic accuracy.
The materials we use for manufacturing and the technology we use for production will not be like assembly --
Existing basic processes in China-and the U. S. --today.
Even if the Chinese automate their factories with artificial intelligence
Electric robots and manufacturing 3D printers, it will no longer make sense to ship raw materials all the way to China to assemble them into finished products and ship them back to the USS.
Manufacturing will once again become a local industry, producing products near raw materials or markets.
Therefore, there are many reasons for China to worry that manufacturing will undoubtedly return to the United States. S. --
If not in this decade, then in the early days of the next decade.
But the same job left the United States. S.
Not coming back: they don\'t exist.
What is the new job?
We can only guess.
Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, said that as we have created new, higher
In every industrial transformation, we will create a series of new industries and occupations.
Look at new types of work and more
The Internet and mobile industry have created billions of dollars of business. -
\'These things came out of nowhere and changed our lives,\' said Bass.
Carl Bass is one of the leading authorities in 3D printing and digital manufacturing, and I am as optimistic as I am that we will create an era of abundance.
But I am concerned about whether we can create new jobs and distribute prosperity quickly enough.
Carl and I discussed this at Singularity University a few months ago.
I also discussed Chinese manufacturing with economist China Bureau Chief Vijay Vaitheeswaran.
You can find these videos below.
This is the material published by Singularity University.
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