The efficiency of aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine in use

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-25
The aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine punch is used to punch holes in the profile, which can punch square, rectangular and round holes. The punch is the equipment used by the large aluminum alloy door and window production plant, and the small processing point is replaced by other equipment. The accuracy and power are far inferior to the punching machine. The copy milling machine is mainly used for milling keyholes on profiles. The copy milling machine can mill holes according to the shape of the template. The shape of the template can be square, round, ellipse, figure eight, etc. The feature of intelligent milling is high precision and fast speed. The cost of imitation milling machine equipment is relatively high, and small processing points are generally not available, and hand-operated hole openers are generally used instead. The aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine is mainly used for the corners of aluminum alloy doors and windows. It has the characteristics of high precision and beautiful corners. It is generally used by large aluminum alloy doors and windows factories, and the small processing points are generally manual corners. The cutting speed of the aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine data is, under the condition of the ambition of the workpiece, the feed amount per tooth u003d the feed amount per revolution/the number of teeth. The first consideration is the linear speed that the tool can withstand, part standards, surface roughness requirements, depth of cut, etc. The end of the judgment of the spindle speed, depth of cut, and feed rate. Its 'ambition' cutting speed assumes sharp things and satisfying coolant. Different materials have different cutting speeds and can cut operations at different interest rates. In addition, some things or processes (such as threading, knurling, or cutting) will need to work at a slower speed than the cutting speed.
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