The difference between standard aluminum doors and windows and insulated broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-11-02
What is the difference between a standard aluminum window frame and a thermally broken aluminum window frame? Looking at the two windows from a few feet away, they look almost the same. To distinguish, you must open the window and look at the bottom of the window sill. If you see a black stripe in the center of the window frame surrounding the window frame, then it is a broken aluminum door and window. When I started selling replacement windows, almost 100% of the windows I sold were aluminum replacement windows that were thermally broken. Today the situation is just the opposite, almost 100% of them are custom-made fusion spliced u200bu200bnative vinyl replacement windows. Aluminum has very good thermal conductivity, so standard aluminum window frames are a big heat leak. In addition, the window frame is very cold in winter, and moisture will condense inside. This will cause dry rot in a relatively short period of time. In my opinion, insulated aluminum window frames are a rather desperate attempt by aluminum window frame manufacturers to maintain their business. They inserted an insulating layer between the outside and inside of the window frame. I am a homeowner who had to replace all windows and removed a lot of dry rot around the old aluminum frame. My research tells me that the PVC frame is just a simpler and better choice. The frame can greatly affect the actual energy efficiency of any door and window-including the energy efficiency of double-glazed systems. In addition, wall and ceiling insulation materials will have a greater impact on the overall insulation effect of your home, office or building. Standard aluminum is a good heat and cold conductor, which means you can lose or gain a lot of heat through the door and window frames. This will destroy the performance of double-glazed windows. Therefore, it is necessary to add an insulating layer on the window frame. The heat insulation technology is characterized by a reinforced polyamide strip between the inner and outer aluminum machine to form an insulating barrier in the window frame. This will make the conduction speed of heat, cold and noise many times slower than standard aluminum materials. 253
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