The corner technology of the broken bridge aluminum door and window manufacturer's corner unit is revealed!

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-11
Angular strength is one of the important performance indicators for evaluating the quality of doors and windows! In the architectural environment, doors and windows will be subjected to various forces. Typical ones are: opening impact, wind pressure, temperature change stress, etc. The strength of the connection corners of the frame is not enough, which will cause the corners to be seamed and the connection to be deformed, which is lost. The basic frame retention capacity of doors and windows has caused leakage of doors and windows and cannot be opened normally, which seriously affects the sealing and safe use of doors and windows. Maintaining the basic frame stability of doors and windows is the prerequisite for all performance!  The frame fan group angle of system doors and windows generally adopts 45° butt joint. There are at least five connection methods for 45° angle connection: screw splicing, riveting splicing, squeezing corner splicing, pulling corner splicing, and expanding angle splicing. At present, the most commonly used method is squeezing corner splicing, also called collision splicing. Some are also called rivet corner splicing. System door and window frames and sashes are generally assembled at an angle of 45°. When assembling, the angle code should be inserted into the assembled frame and fan, and the angle code should be injected into the angle code after the angle code is inserted. Most manufacturers fix the window sash corners by using corner forming machines to squeeze the corners. The role of the corner glue is to firmly bond the corner code with the aluminum profile after the corners of the aluminum alloy doors and windows are assembled, assist in strengthening the bonding force of the corner area after punching and riveting, and eliminating the stress concentration on the punching point. The corner code and the aluminum profile are bonded firmly and reliably.   Angle forming process regulations:    Angle forming machine must be checked whether the angle forming machine is operating normally before operation, and the pressure must be adjusted. Only when the air pressure meets the requirements, the work can be started.  According to the production operation sheet and drawing requirements, select the matching or matching mold with the profile section, and the accuracy of the mold must be within the allowable range.   Determine the positioning surface and clamping surface according to the process design requirements and the profile section, adjust the matching size, and conduct an empty running test to ensure the synchronization and consistency of each group of corner knives.   The positioning must be accurate, and the dirt on the table must be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the surface of the profile and causing defects that are not easy to repair.  The semi-finished products after the corners should be neatly stacked. After standing for six hours, wait for the corner glue to dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Several factors affecting the reliability of the corner assembly The selection of the main profile The cavity structure of the main profile strives to be reasonable. The profile used for aluminum alloy doors and windows is thin-walled. If there is an error between the profiles, it will easily cause the corner assembly process to be too troublesome or assembly The angle fails.  The wall thickness of the profile has an equally important influence on the reliability of the corner assembly. For the corner assembly process alone, because the corner assembly connection is achieved through the deformation of the profile, the wall thickness of the profile directly affects the strength of the connection.   accuracy  The cutting accuracy of the profile affects its processing accuracy and even the reliability of the group angle. The working accuracy of the aluminium processing machine is also the main factor affecting its processing accuracy.
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