The characteristics of a good aluminum profile cutting processing center

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-27
A good aluminum profile cutting machining center should have many characteristics, including very good cutting efficiency and fineness, and maintaining continuous processing capabilities. This article brings you some common aluminum profile cutting machining centers. Parameters and advantages. The characteristics of a good aluminum profile cutting machining center should have the three-axis control CNC machining center can cut, mark, open the key hole, sink milling profile routing, hinge hole, handle hole and other operations on the four sides of the aluminum profile. 12 high-speed special air-cooled spindles, controlled by a servo axis, can cut all angles from 22.5° to 157.5° with an accuracy of 0.1°. 600 mm diameter saw blade. Positioning with 3 axes and 360 rotatable grippers. Automatically identify the length of the profile. Any size profile from 500mm to 6500mm can be loaded into the profile feeding device. Equipped with automatic lubrication system. High-precision profile conveying system. Remote access. Mobile fixture system. Vertical centering system. Special fixture system. Special milling cutter for aluminum processing. Each fixture can adjust the pressure system. Choose the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment and machinery that suits you. Focus on the manufacture of door and window aluminium processing machine for 15 years, and have many years of production, research and development and sales experience. Machinery is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise that specializes in researching and developing new technologies, new processes and supporting equipment manufacturing for door, window and curtain wall processing systems. Digest and absorb domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing technologies and processes, combine international excellent technology with independent innovation, adhere to forward-looking technical reserves, and formulate various supporting programs for customers. If you need door and window aluminium processing machine, you can choose: broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment, plastic steel door and window equipment, insulating glass equipment. 165
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