The aluminum door and window CNC drilling and milling machine manufacturer tells you: what problems should be paid attention to

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-24
With the improvement of living standards and people's aesthetic requirements, people's requirements for basic equipment such as doors and windows have not only stayed on their basic performance, but paid more attention to their decorative effects than before. In this context, the shutter CNC punching machine, as the equipment for the production and processing of various doors and windows, has gradually been widely used. However, what issues should we pay attention to when choosing a shutter CNC punch? 1. High precision: It adopts imported planetary reducer and servo motor control, with high hole pitch precision and small error 6 meters profile, which can meet the needs of product export. Numerical control, man-machine interface operation, simple operation, convenient mold replacement. 2. It solves the bottleneck of slow press speed affecting production, and meets the requirements of large enterprises for fast shipment. 3. Imported key components, shutter CNC punching machine, low failure rate, long service life, simple operation and easy learning, solve the problem of corporate talents. Fourth, powerful and comprehensive: Fifth, the precision mold has a longer service life: it is quick and easy to replace, and the anti-theft network CNC punching machine takes only 5-10 minutes. And it has the support function of the mold guide rod to realize the precise positioning of the mold core when the long pipe is punched. VI. Hydraulic system: the working pressure is steplessly adjusted, and the hydraulic circuit adopts a zero-load design, which effectively reduces the oil temperature and noise, thereby increasing the efficiency and life of the motor. . 7. When the cylinder is lowered, it adopts a fast-turning-slow hydraulic differential circuit design, with the characteristics of high-speed descent, low-speed processing, and high-speed recovery, and the surface of the pipe is smooth after punching. 8. Speed u200bu200bcan be adjusted to save labor. Nine, continuous production performance is strong: 24 hours non-stop hydraulic oil is not high temperature. 10. Safe and reliable: Intelligent man-machine protection device, automatic protection when the feeding material cannot be pulled due to unqualified pipes. If the feeding is not in place, no punching is performed, and the yield is high. 11. Comprehensive and fast service: new factory construction, old factory renovation, can provide a full set of equipment overall layout, process technology, personnel training, raw material procurement platform, cost accounting, benefit analysis, Ningxia CNC punching machine, the cumulative error of material combination does not exceed 20 The surface of the wire and the hole is smooth and the efficiency is high: 900-1000 rack tubes (8 hours) are produced in a single shift, and the performance is stable. One tube can realize half holes and through holes. Isometric and unequal distance. King Tool machinery is a new generation of hardware material aluminium processing machine, which can punch doors and windows, shelves, guardrails, etc. Compared with traditional hand presses and bench drills, the shutter CNC punch press adopts a unique design in structure, thus showing outstanding performance.
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