The aluminum door and window CNC drilling and milling machine manufacturer tells you: how to buy stainless steel anti-theft doors?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-25
The safety of home life has always been the focus of people's attention. How to effectively improve the safety of home is the issue of everyone's close attention. The anti-theft doors that came into being to protect the safety of consumers' homes quickly occupied the market. Anti-theft doors are also divided into many different types according to their materials. How about stainless steel anti-theft doors? How to choose a stainless steel security door? Let's follow along with the editor to find out.  Stainless steel anti-theft door, as the name implies, is a door made of stainless steel plate. Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary doors. The main material used in the stainless steel anti-theft door is stainless steel plate. The filler in the door is usually some foam or honeycomb paper. The door flower design is used between the inner and outer glass to increase the aesthetics of the appearance. So what is the stainless steel anti-theft door, and what is the method of purchasing stainless steel anti-theft door? Let me tell you.  1. How about stainless steel anti-theft doors   There are many different types of stainless steel anti-theft doors on the market today according to their materials, including: iron doors, stainless steel anti-theft doors, aluminum alloy doors and copper doors. The stainless steel anti-theft door is made of stainless steel material, so it has superior anti-theft performance. Nowadays, this kind of stainless steel door is more used in residential areas. Because of its good anti-theft function, it is often used as an entrance door to protect the safety of the home. . The stainless steel anti-theft door can meet the security needs of different occasions because of its sturdiness and durability and superior security performance. It is the recommended security door for confidential warehouses. Due to the price factor of stainless steel material itself, the price positioning of stainless steel anti-theft door is also relatively high, but it still does not affect people's desire to buy it. For the market, the promotion of stainless steel doors and windows is also an important development trend in the door and window industry. 2. How to purchase stainless steel anti-theft doors According to my country's 'General Technical Requirements for Anti-theft Security DoorsLet me tell you how to buy stainless steel security doors. 1. Check the qualification certificate. The stainless steel anti-theft doors that are officially produced will have the inspection certificate produced by the statutory inspection agency, and carry the security issued by the security technical protection department of the provincial public security department where the production company is located. Production permit for technical protection products. Therefore, consumers must ask to check the certificate when purchasing stainless steel anti-theft doors.  2, security level   The safety factor of stainless steel anti-theft doors is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. The anti-theft performance of class C is the highest, followed by B, and the coefficient of A is the lowest. At present, most of the stainless steel anti-theft doors sold on the market are Grade A, which is generally suitable for ordinary households. The requirement of Grade A stainless steel anti-theft door is to be made of copper, flat open and fully enclosed. With the coordination of ordinary mechanical hand tools and portable electric tools, the weakest link can also resist the net time of abnormal opening. Equal to 15 minutes.  3. Look at the material.    Stainless steel security doors are widely used because of their beautiful, durable and anti-corrosion features. When choosing stainless steel security doors, there are two main aspects. The first is to look at the grades. The commonly used stainless steel anti-theft door materials are mainly grades 302 and 304; the second is to look at the thickness of the steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate of the door frame of the stainless steel anti-theft door is not less than 2 cm. Between 1 cm, there is a skeleton and a reinforced version inside the door leaf.  4. Look at the locks   A qualified stainless steel anti-theft door generally uses a three-way lock or a five-way lock. Not only the door lock is locked, the upper and lower bars can be inserted and locked to secure the door. Nowadays, many good-quality anti-theft doors also have rubber sealing strips embedded in the door frame, so that when the door is closed, there will be no harsh metal collision sound. 5. Look at the process aluminum door and window CNC drilling and milling machine manufacturers tell you: When buying stainless steel anti-theft doors, pay attention to check whether there are open welding, unwelded, missing welding and other defects. Pay attention to check whether the joints of the door leaf and door frame are dense and whether the opening is flexible. , Whether the gap is uniform, whether the electroplating of the paint is smooth and firm, etc.
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