The aluminum door and window CNC drilling and milling machine equipment factory discusses the production and subsequent recycling of aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-24
The stable operation of CNC drilling and milling machines for aluminum doors and windows requires a relatively stable CNC drilling and milling machine system to guide the design process and requirements of aluminum doors and windows, thereby reducing the resulting processing and a series of handling and transportation costs. Evaluating the cost of aluminum molds from the perspective of production can be considered in terms of production efficiency, production quality, material loss, and transportation costs. 1.1.1 In terms of production efficiency, it is reflected in material preparation, processing and warehousing. 1.1.2 Profile preparation: the reasonable material usage and inventory status of the plan profile, the cost incurred includes not only the material cost of the profile itself, but also the transportation fee and storage handling fee. Therefore, a reasonable plan profile preparation is required. Now, under the condition of neither affecting production nor incurring more space and handling costs, this requires long-term material preparation according to business volume. 1.1.3 Production and processing: factors that cause costs. Sawing: From the point of view of the direct processing technology, the sawing process has little effect. From the point of view of mold adjustment time and precision control, fixed type, calculation summary and fixture operation can be carried out, which is reflected in the plan control. Punching: Use row punching to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Welding: less welding is better. Try to reduce the phenomenon of jigsaw, especially corner jigsaw, if you have to join the mantissa, the jigsaw is better than the corner jigsaw, which is reflected in simple processing, classification, and reuse. Therefore, it is also necessary to consider the later recycling and use. Go through. Assembly: Participate in the material distribution process to reduce the time for assembly and finding materials. 1.1.4 Warehousing and logistics: standardize the warehousing and handling of templates, as well as the circular use of templates in and out, and organize special personnel to handle and call them. 1.1.5 In terms of production quality, it is reflected in the strict control of drawings and the clarity of order placement at the management and control level, and in the workshop management and equipment tools at the processing level. To form a standardized library and a clear ordering process, workshop equipment has been optimized. 1.1.6 In terms of material loss, it is reflected in the processing and handling of tailings, as well as the loss of part of the preparation. 1.1.7 In terms of transportation cost, it is reflected in the transportation plan control and handling, and the transportation cost incurred by logistics control is not fixed. 1.2 Iron fittings 1.2.1 Standardize general fittings, and some can be used for shopping malls or industry general fittings (provincial standard or national standard) to prevent the rated cost and delivery time of special-shaped processing. 1.2.2 Special-shaped parts processing, the influence of initial processing technology. 1.2.3 The cost of spare parts construction period delay. 1.2.4 Technical services and post-assisted repair costs. 1.2.5 Parts preparation control. King Tool Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive scientific and technological machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the belief in technological innovation and technological progress in line with the tenet of scientific and technological innovation as the guide and quality for survival, and the implementation of the 'professional, precise and meticulous strategic policy' has established a good corporate image and reputation in the industry. The company Committed to providing customers with various mechanical automation solutions. After years of exploration and practice, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience. CNC drilling and milling machines for aluminum doors and windows have been widely used in doors and windows, curtain walls, decoration, home furnishing, construction and other industries. Products are not only They are sold to 32 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.
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