technology; digital economy\'s demand for stable power strains utilities

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3, 2000 read-
Rite, a manufacturer of electronic components located in Milpitas, California.
, I can\'t complain whenever the power service fluctuates to turn off a vital computer
Control milling machine.
After all, the local utilities Pacific Gas and electricity companies have fulfilled their contractual obligations to keep electricity flowing and to prevent a surge or drop in voltage of 10% or more.
Unfortunately, the milling machine that helps to read
Rite crashes tiny devices that read and write information on a computer\'s disk drive when the voltage changes up to 5%.
This volatility has occasionally occurred over the past two years, as PG & E\'s Pacific Gas Company has conducted day-to-day juggling actions in the region that match power demand and supply. So far, Read-
The solution for Rite is to closely monitor the input power and manually adjust the settings on the milling device.
\"We have to keep an eye on it because we may lose thousands of dollars worth of material,\" said Shahzad Mahmud, director of facilities . \". Read-
Rite\'s milling machine shows a long time
Operation, but acceleration problem: the country\'s power supply system cannot meet the needs of the digital economy.
While the utilities industry has always been proud of providing quite stable power 99.
9% of the time, today\'s computer economy requires less disruption and more stable current.
Because electricity is more than energy for computers. -
This is the medium they use to finish their work.
A rapid and minor change in voltage represents 1 and 0 that constitute digital information.
Advertising these patterns is ultimately translated into human voice in phone calls, calculations during bank transactions, radiation doses during cancer treatment, or photos of newborn babies
Send to scattered relatives
Any interruption of the power supply damages the processor\'s ability to manage these voltages, resulting in data loss or system crash.
According to the latest calculations for power conversion in Kingston, west United States, power disturbances around the world cause more than 17,000 computer outages per second, from annoying frozen cursors to severe damage to equipmentI.
A backup power system for computer users began in 1984.
\"We work well in the economy that runs on cars and lights,\" said Peter Gross, a leading designer of large telecom hubs, data centers and other buildings that operate around the clock.
\"There\'s a big disconnect from what\'s happening in the digital world.
\"People are also very interested in technology and services that meet the needs of new economic electricity.
These remedies go far beyond the surge suppression devices that most home PC users protect their computers during lightning or voltage spikes.
The solutions for the enterprise include backup generators produced by companies such as Caterpillar, as well as small power supplies produced by the US power conversion company and the Liebert unit of Emerson Electric.
Innovative fuel cells from the start
Ups like fuel cell energy;
New flying wheels from active power and signal power as well as various battery improvements.
Companies like International Rectifier and Ixys are finding strong demand for new microchips that manage power equipment. The computer-
According to Mark P. , the power business driving the economic transformation has increased the opportunity for companies selling electricity business by $500 billion.
Mills in Washington
The Manhattan-based consultant, along with Peter Huber, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, created the term \"powercosm\" to describe the evolving market.
The two jointly released a digital power report for the Gilde group.
The message must have resonated with Wall Street.
From less than $12 last summer to more than $55.
Ixys, a smaller competitor, hovered around $3 in November, reaching $69 last Tuesday. Start-
Ups like fuel H Power
This summer, cell maker and Active Power will be released publicly, hoping to be as popular as Capstone Turbine, listing on Thursday at $16 per share and ending the week at $45. 0625.
At the same time, giants such as General Electric and a number of publicly traded branches are also investing in venture capital in the sector.
The expansion of the digital economy has caused electrical troubles in two ways.
The most immediate reason is that it has pushed up demand for electricity in areas such as the Northeast, where electricity supply has been tight during summer peaks.
Last week, for example, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, United Edison closed its service to eight apartment buildings and lowered the nearby voltage for several hours on a hot and stuffy day.
The growth in advertising demand is not just about air.
Conditional reflection, of course.
Consider a transformation of 16-
The story building in downtown Newark, formerly home to Macy\'s, consumes about 10 watts of electricity per square foot before the store closes in 1992.
Now that the top level has been reopened as a \"telecom hotel\", companies such as data servers, routers and other electronic devices in World Communications, IDT, Qwest and tertiary communication parks are here, as well as cooling system, standby power supply and other equipment.
According to data from local utilities public service power and gas companies, these users need 40 to 50 watts per square foot.
A developer is looking for another site in North Jersey, looking for a home of potential millionairessquare-
According to Patrick Downs, vice president of operations support at foot, the foot Data and Communications Center requires 100 MW of electricity from public services. \'\'That\'s one-
\"We give the third thing to the entire city of Newark,\" he said . \".
Nevertheless, even the most extravagant estimate of the impact of the new economy on pure demand makes this level less than 10% of the total capacity of traditional utilities.
For energy managers, like Mr.
Overall, Wall Street\'s demand for electricity has been less noticeable recently than the higher power quality that digital users insist on.
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\"It\'s great for the grid . \"
Mills says it refers to 99.
9% reliability, about 8 hours of power loss a year.
In fact, it is hard to imagine that this number will get better because the power grid is vulnerable to bad weather, animals will short-circuit transformers and other equipment, and drunken drivers will hit the poles.
But even the \"Three Nine\"
It\'s rubbish for computers, says Mills. \'\'Mr.
Microprocessor prescription for Mills
Friendly Power quality is 10 9, or 99.
99999999% reliability-
Lost only 32 seconds a year. -
In addition, equipment is equipped to prevent dents, peaks and surges in these gaps and gaps.
The cost of computer disruption to the economy is so great that selling services or equipment to prevent such problems starts to be seen as impossible --
Miss the offer of those who have the right technology.
\"People don\'t worry about the grade of gasoline when the T-car comes out,\" said Larry R . \"
Wilson, director of strategic planning for Caterpillar power.
The invention of Gao
The performance car changed that, sir.
Now the same thing is happening on a wider scale, says Wilson.
\"Where there is a demand for electricity quality, prices are not a problem,\" he said . \"Wilson said.
He predicts that Caterpillar\'s generator sales will grow strongly and enter the \"high-end\" user market, and prices are not opposed to reliable backup energy.
These users are willing to pay the equivalent of $20 per kilowatt for the backup power supply, while an average of about 7 cents per kilowatt is used to extract electricity directly from the utility grid.
Although conditions vary across the country, utility regulators typically define an instant power outage as a power outage lasting 1 to 5 minutes.
This disruption could cause serious damage to stocks.
Trading systems, automated paper mills and other computers
Drive the flow unless there are backup generators and equipment that can be switched to them seamlessly.
But in many cases the trouble is not waiting for a complete power cut.
According to Marek Samotyj, only 10% of the voltage drop, no interruption, will cause problems to some systems in a second, he manages the power quality project for the Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, California
Research groups owned by utility companies.
If the current is completely cut off for 4 milliseconds, some sensors in the medical device will fail, he said.
Even if there are an increasing number of providers offering remedies, the question of who will pay for better power is very outstanding.
Last year, Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution, a US power company equipment manufacturer in Columbus, Ohio, began research on the need to combine monitoring equipment with system improvements to provide quality power supply
High quality power in an industrial park in Delaware, Ohio.
According to Harry walcomer, one of the project managers of the utility, the goal of US power includes understanding whether premium power can get premium prices.
But James Osteen, a senior industrial engineer at the wire maker nipert Company, which is one of the park\'s major utility customers, does not see a more stable power supply as a premium product.
All companies now want to keep improving quality, and utilities are no exception, he said.
\"Our expectation is that we will not pay more for quality electricity,\" he said . \".
Detroit has a similar attitude.
In order not to allow the three major car companies to do business, Detroit Edison is currently providing electricity under a contract that will be punished if it fails to steadily reduce power losses and fluctuations.
The power loss of GM is reduced by twice.
According to John C, it has been in his thirties since the beginning of the contract in 1995, and Detroit Edison has made enough progress to avoid any penalties for the power downturn
Anderson, director of energy services, G. M.
However, solving the power demand of the new economy is not just a problem of improving the power grid.
According to Richard P. , the study showed that 70% of the disruption came from electrical problems at the customer\'s site
Binghan, manager, Dranetz-
BMI, a power quality product and consulting company in Edison, New York, USA. J.
\"When the heater is turned on, the laser printer usually takes out the computer,\" he said . \"
But an example is given.
Electronic ballasts in overhead lighting and compressors in the water turbine will also generate unexpected loads.
Electronic devices, such as drivers that adjust motor speeds to save energy, can cause electrical interference to the lines that power them.
This interference, known as a harmonic signal, can cause other devices to trip, unless canceled by a filter device.
He said many schools are creating problems for themselves by overloading their electrical systems with new electronic devices.
All kinds of problems and less public patience for chaos mean trouble.
Shooters like Dranetz
BMI no longer limits its utility --
In this world, the person on the other end of the phone is usually an engineer.
\"More and more people are getting less and less aware of electricity knowledge, call me with questions,\" Mr. Bingham said.
An article on Monday working day addresses the challenge of maintaining reliable power flow to meet the needs of the computer economy, incorrectly calculating that if power is supplied, the time supply for users to have no power is 99.
99999999% reliable. It would be 0.
0032 seconds a year, not 32 seconds.
The article also incorrectly describes fuel cell energy.
The company was renamed energy research in last September and was founded in 1969.
This is not the beginning. up company.
Charts with articles provide an outdated list of company products;
It stripped the battery business as Evercel Inc. last year.
We are constantly improving the quality of text archives.
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A version of this article was printed on page C00001 of the National edition on July 3, 2000, with the title: technology;
The demand for stable electricity in the digital economy has strained utilities.
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