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It is said that initial feedback from the gear extruder from the leading North American automotive weather stripping supplier indicates that the company\'s gear extruder scrap rate has been significantly reduced, according to the manufacturer, the company offers cost savings of $80,000 to $100,000 a month.
These machines are said to have reduced scrap rates, cost savings and quality control, making them ideal for the manufacture of Class A rubber products.
The gear extruder is used independently or in series with the screw extruder, stretching the rubber before extrusion and passing through 140-to 180-mesh screens.
The filtered strip can then be sent into the main extruder without screening during extrusion.
According to the company, removing the screen on the main extruder and using the filter material reduces the extruder pressure, reduces the temperature and increases the output.
It is said that the downtime is shorter because the extruder can run continuously without stopping the replacement of the screen.
It is said that the pre-finishing of rubber can also eliminate costs related to quality control, thus improving the quality of parts production and reducing the waste of defective parts.
There are three sizes for the gear extruder, including 70mm, 120mm and 150mm.
Standard features include two
Single roller feeder for multiple feed, hydraulic head clip, three areas for temperature control, touch screen PLC control with screen diameter of 100mm, 300mm and 370mm respectively, double head capability and feeder detector.
These machines can operate in a variety of configurations, including gear pumps as the front of the main extruder to improve extrusion stability. (Davis-Standard)
The circle on the card 100-
Simple demand rotary knifeServo on-
The demand rotary cutting machine has speed servo control, which is said to provide higher accuracy and easier operator control at lower cost than the microprocessor
Control Servo tool.
For rotary cutting applications, simpler speed control is said to be superior to microprocessor control.
It is said that plc is more expensive and subtle than speed control and requires the company to control unwanted software and programming.
As for precision, the microprocessor control must run the scan loop, which may affect the repeatability of the cutting cycle, speed control does not require processing time, according to the company
Otter also says speed control is a simpler interface.
The operator enters the cut length into the counter, without programming the PLC and keyboard.
Rotary cutting is said to be a basic feature that does not require a wide range of features and associated complexity of the front-end microprocessor.
With a servo system with digital control, the drive and motor may need to be replaced due to incompatible programs.
Control system, only need to replace the motor. (G. F. Goodman & Son)
Circle 101 on Tire Identification/stripping printA-Mark Stripe-
According to the company, it prints a continuous bright stripe on fabric, film, wire and extruded tread without affecting the beauty of the product or related to the traditional stripe method
By applying consistent, accurate marks, stripes-
It is said that it can reduce the consumption and overflow of ink and save the user\'s money.
The company found that ink consumption was reduced by 30% by using stripes
Compared to other traditional systems, it has stripe ink with them.
It is said that the company provides users with a wide range of single head and double head stripes from 1/16 \"to 1/2.
The mounting bracket can accommodate one or four-
L ink water bottle with special cover and stripe head installed on the production line.
It is said that without the need for tools, the device can easily adjust the tread thickness to consistently apply stripes of various colors and widths.
The Quickset model 3045 is a machine developed mainly for the tire manufacturing industry.
This machine can be made into an emboss or deboss serial number label or tank for use in tire vulcanization molds.
According to the company, the label does not allow digital molding to the side wall of the tire. (
Matthews International)
The company has launched three extrusion systems, which are 102 laps on the card extrusion system.
Ze Super torque double
The screw extruder is best suited for the compounding of today\'s complex resins while providing high throughput, easy to maintain and operate.
ZE Ultra Glide series laboratories and high-speed, small-volume production machines are designed for the different needs of today\'s color masterbatch producers who need to respond faster to the needs of their customers, according to the company
More than Compex
The craft mixer is designed for low
Torque composite applications that allow for new generation of powder coatings, toner and other heat-and shear-
Sensitive composite applications, according to the manufacturer. (Berstorff)
It is said that it is an economical air around 103 laps on the card roller cutter-
Operate a scissor machine to cut a variety of rolls from corrugated to foam, rubber, textiles, non-woven fabrics and vinyl.
Sheeter can operate the bracket-alone or in-
As part of a custom design system. (Contech)
Round 104 card redesigned rotary live joint Rotherm series 200 Olympic rotary alliance was redesigned to provide more sizes for multiple units inside and outside the transfer steam or hot water, mixers and factories.
It is said that the design structure and performance advantages of Rotherm rotary pressure joint will continue to exist in Olympic products.
Designed for long-
Maintenance period-
The body is made of aluminum or stainless steel and is free to operate.
It is said that two sealed ball bearing assemblies can ensure that the running surface is clean and there is no need for lubrication. The high-
Self-dense carbon sealaligning.
The 200 series Olympic rotary joints are designed for applications that require higher speeds, such as hydraulic applications and transfer of coolant.
They feature speeds up to 3,600 rpm, hydraulic pressure up to 1,000 psi, pneumatic pressure up to 75 psi and temperature up to 500 [degrees]
According to the manufacturer. (
Bristol machines & Engineering)
The cycle 105 on the GCP gas back pressure technology is available on the company\'s next wave, modular and universal injection molding machinery production line.
According to the company, the technology allows to enhance communication between mechanical components, thereby improving efficiency and many other benefits.
In addition to injection molding, GCP technology is said to have been successful in other processes, including structural foam, gas assist, co-injection and PIM (
Powder Injection molding).
The GCP process allows real
Time communication between internal melting pressure (IMP)
In the hydraulic system of the mold cavity and machine.
It depends on a pre-
A pressurized system, usually 200 psi, from the nozzle to the mold cavity.
The signal of the nozzle and cavity sensor is combined to produce a single process variable that automatically controls any pressure change, not a double process variable (
Injection, packaging or hold)
Keep a static IMP.
The ultimate benefit of this capability is said to be the ability to produce parts with excellent surface finish and reduced sink, warping and cycle times.
The GCP technology has been customized as an IMM control system for the HPM ios4500. (HPM)
The circle 106 on the card transverse winding system is said to be the model MS 103 PMC is an example of the stateof-the-
Art of horizontal winding.
This special dual spindle design is designed to solve several problems of continuous length of winding of difficult profile products.
The two spindles are operated through a common dance system to minimize the change from the full axis to the empty axis.
In addition, the machine also integrates Accu-
The wind computer control system manages all the machine functions and winding modes into a system that is closely supervised and controlled. (
Progressive machine)
The use and installation of miller machine  is compared with most other systems for managing the punching machine for sale  effectively and no doubt punching machine suppliers have won the race so many times.
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