Structure and its blanking accuracy detection method

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-11-01
As a general-purpose machine, the shutter CNC punch press is widely distributed. Its structure determines its function and effect. There is also a big difference in the precision control during blanking. Let's do a small editor to take everyone to understand this knowledge. , Let's take a look! The punching accuracy detection method of the shutter CNC punching machine: 1. The parallelism of the slider stroke to the task table. The specific detection method of the punching accuracy of the CNC punch press is to use a dial indicator to move longitudinally and laterally between the bottom surface of the slider and the task table, and the large difference in the reading of the dial indicator is the measured value. The allowable tolerance is 0.13mm on the front and rear 1000mm length. For the open hydraulic press, only the front end of the slider is allowed to deviate downwards. The sweeper has a tolerance of 0.10mm on the left and right 1000mm length. 2. The flatness of the CNC punching table and the bottom surface of the slider. The specific detection method is to put the inspection surface of the flat ruler on the hydraulic machine table in different directions, and use a feeler gauge to measure the parallelism between the inspection surface of the flat ruler and the task table. The detection method is to use the gap between the bottom surface of the slide of the dial indicator and the task table. . The tolerance on 1000mm length is usually 0.05mm. 3. The parallelism between the center line of the shank hole of the shutter CNC punch press and the stroke of the slider. Pull out a test rod from the hole of the slider mold shank, fasten it on the task table and place a dial indicator, make the thimble of the dial indicator contact the surface of the test rod, make the slider move up and down slowly, and read the dial indicator The difference between the readings of the meter. The shutter CNC punch press has a tolerance of 0.05mm on a 300mm stroke.
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