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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-14
For many colleagues who initially come into contact with the mold industry or play a functional management or sales position in the mold industry, their understanding of the mold is vague and difficult to understand to many degrees, therefore, many mold enterprises will let the entry personnel carry out the production site practice at the beginning, and only in the process of practice can they get to know the basic knowledge of mold at close range, the following are some very vivid principles of molds, which bring different cognition. Stamping dies are divided into blanking dies, bending dies, drawing dies, forming dies, riveting dies 1. Blanking dies: dies that separate materials along closed or open contour lines. Such as blanking die, punching die, cutting die, cutting die, cutting die, cutting die, etc. 2. Bending die: make sheet blank or other blank along a straight line (Curved line) Produce bending deformation, thus obtaining a certain angle and shape of the workpiece mold. 3. Drawing die: it is a die that makes the blank of sheet metal into an open hollow part or further changes the shape and size of the hollow part. 4. Forming die: it is a die that directly replicates and forms blank or semi-finished workpieces according to the shapes of convex and concave dies in the figure, while the material itself only produces local plastic deformation. Such as bulging die, necking die, flaring die, undulating forming die, flanging die, shaping die, etc. 5. Riveting die: external force is used to connect or lap together the participating parts in a certain order and manner to form a whole. According to the classification of process combination degree, the mold can be divided into four categories: single process mold, compound mold, progressive mold and transfer mold. 1. Single process die: a die that only completes one stamping process in one stroke of the press. 2. Compound die: a die that has only one station and completes two or more stamping processes at the same station in one stroke of the press. 3. Progressive die (Also known as continuous mold) : In the feeding direction of the blank, there are two or more stations. In one stroke of the press, dies that complete two or more stamping processes one by one at different stations. 4. Transfer die: combining the characteristics of single-process die and progressive die, the robot hand transfer system is used to realize the rapid transfer of products in the die, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of products, reduce the production cost of the product, save the material cost, and the quality is stable and reliable. According to the different processing methods of products, the moulds can be divided into five categories: punching and shearing moulds, bending moulds, drawing moulds, forming moulds and compression moulds. 1. Punching and shearing die: it is completed by shearing. The common forms include cutting die, blanking die, punching die, trimming die, whole edge die, punching die and punching die. 2. Bending die: it is to bend the flat blank into an angular shape. Depending on the shape, precision and quantity of parts, there are many different forms of dies, such as ordinary bending die, Cam bending die, crimping die, arc bending die, bending punching die and twisting die, etc. 3. Drawing mold: The drawing mold is a seamless container with a bottom made of flat wool embryo. 4. Forming die: refers to changing the shape of the hair embryo by various local deformation methods, its forms include bulging forming die, winding edge forming die, necking forming die, hole Flange forming die and round edge forming die. 5. Compression die: it uses strong pressure to make the metal wool embryo flow and deform into the required shape. Its types include extrusion die, embossing die, embossing die and end pressing die. Basic composition of stamping die: upper cover plate, upper die base, upper backing plate, splint, stripping plate, lower template, lower die base, material Guide assembly, punch head, unloading plate insert, guide nail, false feeding detection device, outer guide pillar, guide sleeve, inner guide pillar, guide sleeve, limit pillar, material guide pin, fixing bolt, screw plug, discharge spring, discharge screw. NJPE has the technology and equipment for the whole set of solutions of stamping die products, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. NJPE-To provide you with the solution to the mold product project! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. How to automate the production of continuous stamping dies, these injection mold failures can be ruled out in this way. . .
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