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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-19
With the rise of labor costs, the demographic dividend of labor-intensive enterprises is decreasing sharply year by year. It has become a development trend to require technological dividend from mechanization and automation, at present, the domestic sheet metal stamping die industry needs to process hardware for forming threads, and many manufacturers stay after single punching or continuous stamping products, on the traditional processing technology card, which wastes resources, such as secondary manual tapping and automatic tapping, the in-mold tapping technology can meet the automatic production requirements of the punch equipment itself, furthermore, the integrated production of stamping and tapping has been realized. No matter from the reduction of employees, efficiency increase or quality improvement of the enterprise itself, the in-mold tapping technology has brought great changes to metal stamping production enterprises. The traditional tapping production method results in high production cost, low efficiency and lack of guarantee of quality consistency. The costs include: stamping processing cost, handling cost, tapping cost, the production mode of in-mold tapping is automatically completed by the integration of stamping 'forming tapping'. Its production speed is fast, efficiency is high, quality is stable, and the cost includes stamping processing cost and in-mold tapping machine investment. As a technology, in-mold tapping technology is introduced into the metal stamping industry, and has a certain degree of coordination with punching machines, feeding systems, molds, extrusion taps, tapping cooling media, etc, NJPE, as an international leading precision stamping die manufacturer, has 30 years of stamping die technology precipitation and focuses on the production of products in the fields of household appliances and automobiles, sheet metal stamping dies have flexible automation technology, in-mold automatic tapping technology, color coated plate die technology and precision continuous die technology. The accuracy of the product can reach 0. 250, the stamping speed of the die can reach more than 3 million times, and the service life of the die can reach more.
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