Secondary processing technology of broken bridge aluminum and aluminum alloy profile

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-12
The secondary processing technology of broken bridge aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles is very important, especially when you have a great secondary demand for doors and windows, the next door and window aluminium processing machine company provides you with aluminum alloy profiles through various surface treatment processes After the knowledge of characteristics and performance. Frosted aluminum material: The frosted surface of aluminum material avoids the interference of light caused by aluminum alloy profiles in certain environments and conditions in architectural decoration. It has a soft surface like brocade and is very popular in the market, but the existing frosted materials The uneven surface must be overcome, and the lack of mold lines can be seen. The color and surface treatment of aluminum, the monotony of silver white and brown can no longer satisfy architects and exterior wall decorative tiles. The exterior wall latex is very good. The new stainless steel color, champagne color, gold, titanium gold, red series (wine red , Purple, black, purple) combined with stained glass can make the decorative effect icing on the cake. These profiles must be chemically or mechanically polished and then oxidized to achieve good results. Electrophoretic coated aluminum profile: The surface of electrophoretic coated aluminum profile is soft and can resist the erosion of cement and mortar acid rain. 90% of aluminum profiles in Japan are electrophoretic coating. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profiles: Powder electrostatic spraying profiles are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, and their ability to resist acid, alkali and salt spray is much better than oxidation colored profiles. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic aluminum profile: This profile is a very advanced processing technology in the world. This kind of profile product is of high quality. Its very big feature is that it uses the same color as caliche according to needs. The surface of the profile is complicated in color and the decorative effect is very good. The aluminum titanium plating process includes material selection, polishing, chemical degreasing, water washing, and activation. , Vacuum titanium plating and other process steps, which are characterized by: A. Pre-plating process, the activated titanium alloy aluminum profile washed with water is placed in a liquid composed of salt, hydrochloric acid and water, and chemical treatment is carried out at room temperature , Until the liquid undergoes a violent chemical reaction. B. Electroplating process, the electroplating solution is composed of nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin and luminescent agent. Process conditions: current 3-4a/dm cathode movement, 5-7a/dm air stirring, bath temperature 50-60℃, PH value 3.9-4.2, electroplating time 15 minutes. 255
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