russians seek to expand machine‐tool sales here

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The Russian machine tool industry wants to sell $1.
This year, it has five million products in the United States.
At the same time, it will import US machine tools worth $63.
Aleksandr S said: \"In four or five years, we may ship standard machine tools of between $7 and $8 a year . \"
Muhkin, vice president of V/O Stankoimport, represents Russia\'s machine tool industry around the world.
\"If we receive orders for heavy machinery, there is little restriction on exports to your country. ”Mr.
Muhkin noted that last year Russians sold more than $10 m worth of French machines, adding that the price of a giant vertical boring machine sold to Japan a few years ago was as high as $20 m.
In an interview at the 1974 International Machine Tool Exhibition held here last Friday,
Muhkin said his industry has exported more than $20 a year on average to France, West Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Finland over the past few years.
Advertising Russians came to the trade show for the first time in 1972.
They were just visitors at the time, but this year they decided to show some tools that might be of interest to Americans who are currently facing long delays in delivery of domestic machine tools.
Advertising stankoimport has sold products to the Gleason factory of Rochester and LaSalle machine tools this year, near Detroit. Two machines—
Surface Grinding Machine and fixture holes-
Already delivered to Gleason, the $1 m milling machine is scheduled to be delivered to LaSalle by the end of this year and early 1975.
\"What we have to do is build two-way trade between our two industries . \"
Muhkin said, \"We feel that we can do this by making machine tools that your manufacturer does not make.
At the same time, sir.
Muhkin said Stankoimport is actively trying to register dealers of Russian machines in this country, with a focus on the eastern, northern and central western markets.
In the past two years, U. S. machine tool sales to the Soviet Union have actually exceeded $63.
Muhkin did not include a contract for the large Kama River truck plant. George S.
Shchukin is the chairman of the Kama procurement committee, an independent large project organization that will include the world\'s largest production line for block processing, the total number of kama projects is estimated to be \"Lions around $1 \". Mr.
Mr. Hugh King joined.
Bessmertny Muhkin Victor.
The chairman of the Soviet trade organization Amtorg discussed how to improve the machine tool trade at a press conference on Friday.
Last week, Edson Gaylord, chairman of Ingersoll Rand milling machine, said his company had just completed the construction of the engineering block processing production line.
\"The final price tag on the Ihuge 2,000-foot long line is expected to exceed $20,\" he said, adding that his company is fully responsible for the line, including a handful of parts that other US equipment manufacturers offer to Ingersoll Rand. Mr.
Shchukin noted that KamAZ, the initials acronym of the new facility site and nature, will be the largest integrated heavy truck plant under the eaves and will have a foundry that handles 550 tons of castings per year, make it the largest foundry in the world.
About 150,000 trucks will go offline each year, with another 100,000 spare engines.
Exim Bank loans EXIM Bank provides US $86-5-million direct loans for the purchase of US equipment, matching Chase Manhattan Bank.
Answer a question. Mr.
Without the assistance of the Export-Import Bank, Shchukin said, \"it is a pity that no more facilities have been built. ”Mr.
Muhkin stressed that mutual assistance is increasingly needed if his two-way trade objectives are to be achieved.
He said that if the Soviet Union does not get the most popular national status as it is generally expected this year, Stankoimport will try to continue shipping to the United States, \"but it will be unprofitable.
He declined to say if such a status could not be obtained, whether it would end the Soviet Union\'s purchase here.
Sir, when answering a question
Muhkin said he wants to see joint ventures with the Russian machine tool industry in the country, as they did in Europe and Canada last year.
He noted that Stankoimport is working with a Belgian company to develop a new multi-axis lathe that will be sold in both countries, thanks to a business like this. Mr.
Muhkin said he was sure that, with or without the most popular national status, Stankoimport would be on display at the next International Machine Tool Exhibition in 1976.
\"After all, if we want to succeed here, we have to spend money on marketing,\" he said . \".
\"If everything goes as smoothly as I expected, from our growth at the show, I would say that we will be fully accepted by your country within three years.
\"A version of this file was printed on page 53 of the New York edition on September 9, 1974, with the title: Russians are trying to expand machine tool sales here.
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