robots to the rescue: many fab shops in the u.s. are getting pounded by foreign competition, but lb steel, llc/coburn steel, products is successfully fighting back--thanks in part to robotic welding.

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LB Steel, LLC/Coburn Products is the industry leader in certified chemical boards
36, GR 72 GR 50 manufacturing, processing and counterweight solutions.
Most of the company\'s facilities are dedicated to manufacturing.
Most of its welding involves large heavy-duty components for construction, rail and mining, as well as various OEMs.
Products include forklift, heavy hammer
Lift, elevator, separator and oil pan for mining.
The materials used include carbon steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, A36 or high-
Strength alloy steel and aluminum, ranging from 10-or 12-
The distance between steel and metal with a thickness of up to 4.
Quality is an important goal for the company and finding skilled welders is a challenge.
In order to improve production efficiency and quality, it hopes to adopt robot automation. [
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\"Except for an old robot from a European manufacturer, all welding at the factory is done manually,\" said Mike Powers, manufacturing engineer who joined LB Steel/Coburn in 2002.
\"Old robots have some reliability problems and are expensive in terms of consumables and replacement parts,\" he said . \".
\"The controller boards and other spare parts are expensive ---
$8,000, $6,000--
It\'s hard to get.
Programming must be done by a representative of the manufacturer, which is also expensive.
\"In 2004, LB Steel/Coburn began to manufacture a large number of parts for railway industrial discharge doors, which have great robotic welding potential with little installation or fixing.
Both OwnerMichael Goich and engineer Michael Powers believe a new robotic welding system is needed.
\"When we need new robots, we look around, but onerobot company impressed us,\" Bowles said . \".
\"I had a Motoman ArcWord 1000 robot welding unit before, so I am familiar with the robot programming language and also know that the support from the company is good.
\"Also, it\'s only a few hours away from the Motoman training center, so the decision is easy.
\"In early 2006, the company implemented the first of three projectsof-the-
Art Motoman robot welding battery from Motoman, Inc. ,Marion, OH.
The first robot welding unit of Harvey factory is made by Motoman HP50-
A 44-year-old robot
11b payload, 122. 3\" reach, and [+ or -]0.
006 \"repeatability. The extended-
Reach robot in 6 \'-long, three-
Positioning pneumatic shuttle track between two heavy duty
Duty Motoman mht3000 head rack/tail rack locator.
The maximum payload of these head/tail racks is 13,889 1b and 39.
4 \"maximum scan radius.
Motoman\'s MotoMount HD fixed installation system eliminates the need for accurate head/tail rack alignment.
LB Steel/Coburn provides its own part fixture for the locator.
\"The fixtures are modular and can be swapped, so the conversion is easy,\" Power said . \".
\"We use the positioning pin and bushing to install the fixture on a large frame across the positioning head --
And tailstock, so they are easy to drop as needed.
Flexible coverage, Powers said, \"the installation of the robot on the Shuttle Track provides additional flexibility and allows us to better cover the connection of large parts . \".
Welding equipment includes Miller AutoAxcess 450 welding power pack with water
Use the cool hard gun torch of 0. 045\"or 0.
052 \"ER70S6 solid wire from 1,200 1b bulk box.
Robot using automatic nozzle cleaner-reamer/sprayer--Cable cutting machine
90/10 Argon/[protected gas /[CO. sub. 2]mix. High-speed--200V--seam-
And touch-
Sensor functions are also included.
FabWorld cell has two loading and unloading stations. Two fence-
Install a remote operator station with a finger wheel switch for program selection and a manual jogging lever to facilitate parts loading.
It also has a safe environment in line with the ansiria15. 06-
1999 standard, including 4\' sliding doors for light curtain, wire safety fence and mutual lock.
Parts run in bulk, from hundreds of parts to thousands.
The operator uses an elevated lift or forklift to load the parts onto the fixture.
The main use of FabWorld cell ispass welding. [
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\"With robots, we are able to produce three to four times more parts faster than manual welding,\" Powers said . \".
\"We also saved a lot of processing costs for the automatic locator.
At 2007 LB steel/Coburn added a bracketalone HP50-
The 20 robots in Harvey factory are mainly used for many purposes
Pass welding on the parts on the fixed table.
Cells produce a large number of parts for big men.
A portal for a large mining equipment company.
\"It takes 10 to 12 hours to manually weld these parts;
Using robots, they can only be 2-
1/2 to three hours, \"Bowles said.
Also in 2007, the company implemented Motoman ArcWorld 4000 cellat at its factory in IL Chicago Heights.
The system includes a Motoman ea 1900n expert arc welding robot with 6.
6 pound payload and 75 pound [+ or -]0.
003 \"repeatability.
This robot is characterized by integrated wiring through the upper arm, reducing interference and making programming easier.
The parts are fixed on the msrs2s-500-2. 0 high-
Speed double rack/tail rack locator with 1,102.
Load capacity of 5 lbs.
The operator loads/unloads the part from the header/tailstock on one side of the locator, while the robot is welded on the second headstock/tailstock on the other side.
The locator rotates the frame that holds the main material/tail material at the same time, presenting the parts to the welding robot for processing.
The ArcWorld and stand
The individual robot battery uses the same MillerAutoAxcess 450 welding equipment as the original FabWorld cell.
All three Motoman robot welding units work five to six days a week, one shift per shift.
\"We process a lot of welding parts.
\"We are trying to make the part with a specific inspection tool stop and use key data points as a reference,\" said Powerssaid . \".
\"Using these points all the time helps us to get consistent parts and improve repeatability.
\"With this in mind, the robot also has seams --
Tracking and touchsensing.
Using this combination, we can get some effective welding. Non-
\"In order to use robotic welding to obtain the repeatability of the parts, it is important to have the correct fixture and to avoid the welding sequence of warping.
\"Welding appearance is the key to many customers.
For example, we need to be careful with cosmetics when welding moving oil pans, \"he said.
\"We have almost 2-in the oil pan-
1/2 weeks in programming and optimizing the welding sequence to minimize the warping caused by the welding deformation.
The result is worth it.
Robotic cells can produce the dimensional stability and cosmetics we need.
\"Power has created most of the main robot work on its own, and celloperators have made minor changes to programming as needed.
\"I have taken classes in basic programming and advanced programming, seam-
\"Tracking and touch sensing, coordinating motion and multiple robot controls, ladder editor programming, and maintenance training at Motoman Technical Education Center in Dayton,\" Powers said . \".
\"After coming back from the advanced programming course, I applied what I learned ---
A series of stitched welds.
When I took the coordination movement and multiple robot control programming classes, I applied the training immediately to coordinate the movement on the oil panjob brought by the sales department while I was away. \" he said.
Power has accepted robot welding technology and has seen changes in the attitude of the company\'s employees towards robots. [
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\"At first, some of our welders were a bit paranoid that robots would steal their jobs.
But once they use them, they realize that this is not the case.
Now our people like robots . \"
The operator running the robot unit at the Chicago Highland plant was not a welder but was exposed to computer programming, so he quickly learned how to run the system and program the robot.
\"He did a very good job,\" Bowles said . \".
\"The Windows interface touch screen is familiar to people, and it makes programming easier to learn.
According to Powers, robots are reliable.
A few small questions about company hada Motoman 24-
Help with the hourly hotline.
\"Due to the low amount of partial runs, the return of robot cells may take two or three years,\" he said . \".
\"However, in addition to making three to four times as many parts with robots, we have less scrap and improved quality.
\"Quality improvement is a key to proving the reasonableness of these welding units,\" he said . \".
\"This is the main reason for a planned new battery that will use multiple robots to assemble parts weighing 88,000. \" Every U. S.
Affected by overseas competition, LB steel is no exception.
\"Robotic welding has helped us slow the outflow of work,\" Bowles said . \".
For his company, robotic welding machines level the game field by reducing product costs, improving work quality, and providing a consistent manufacturing process.
It also helps to fill the gaps caused by the lack of qualified welders.
\"The next addition could be a simulation and offline for Motoman
Line programming package--
\"Like a motorcycle,\" said Powerssaid.
\"This will enable us to create jobs on PC and download it to robot controller instead of executing point-to-
Programming with teaching pendant points.
So we can have the machines do what they want.
Keep everyone\'s job. \" Motoman, Inc. Visit www. rsleads. com/810mn-
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