robotic welding gives a lift to production: a manufacturer that makes parts as few as one at a time for its electric lift trucks discovered its parts could be welded more consistently with robotic welders.

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Customer takes elevator from Crown Equipment\'sproducts--
Electric Forklift--
But in a small factory
Quantity production is necessary.
Crown found its welding productivity declining.
Until it studied automatic welding. [
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Manufacturers like Crown are discovering the benefits of robotic welding in areas they have never suspected.
In fact, more work stores and contract manufacturers have found that automation in applications will increase productivity once ignored.
Robots were once considered exclusive products for mass production.
Now, companies like Crown have broken the myth that in automated welding of various independent components, it takes only one unit to increase productivity.
Crown Motor Company produces electric forklifts. IN,plant.
The company\'s trucks are used to transport materials and goods in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants around the world.
Units can often be large-
Box retail stores such as Home Depot and Lowe\'s are restocking.
The company produces almost 92% of all its truck parts.
Each part is made in small quantities. -
There is only one in atime ---to meet real-
Time requirement of assembly line.
Historically, the company has manually welded more than 1,500 miscellaneous parts using MiG and viscous processes at nine welding stations.
The company re-evaluated the strategy two years ago.
Robot Dan Miller is a recommendation, review from Oxford Automation, a manufacturer of auto parts that rely on robotic technology.
After Miller recommended exploring alternatives, Crown of vited Fanuc, Mount Rochester, MI and Lincoln Electric
Cleveland, review its operations.
Performances by two companies
A day-to-day review of the Crown\'s complete two-leaf operation and welding procedures found that, despite the small number of units, hundreds of parts could be welded better, faster and more consistently with the robot.
The data shows that the investment will be completed in a few months.
Lincoln Electric tested its proposal in a lab at headquarters and showed the results to the Crown.
Crown engineers showed the discovery to their senior management team and purchased two Fanucrobots and two Lincoln welded batteries, both powered by Lincoln wave 455 M. 56 MIG wire.
The Crown engineer then built dozens of universal fixture brackets for the welding unit.
They are built on common frames and precise points for easy installation and removal from robot units, so the welding fixture can be in and out quickly as needed.
Engineers found the average change in fixtures
With Universal Boards and pins, the timeout is about five minutespoints.
The Crown installs the system on the parts determined by the survey, such as the engine stand, the cross stand, the broken pedal and the battery holder, and sees the immediate situation. [
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The Crown then designed a system of 20 \"high industrial shelves\" to store fixtures that can weigh hundreds of pounds.
As needed, retrieve the fixture from the shelf with a forklift and place it in a short period of time
Once available, the term temporary area is installed.
This reduces downtime and minimizes the time it takes for the operator to locate the fixture.
Once the fixture changes, the same worker who arranges and coordinates the fixture inside and outside the weld area returns the fixture used to the designated storage area.
When the new fixture is installed into the welding unit, the operator enters the stored programming code into the teach pendentent of the robot corresponding to the specific fixture.
From there, the operator places and removes the raw materials multiple times as needed.
The Fanuc robot works well with the Lincoln power supply so that the operator only needs to enter a code in the robot.
Thecode retrieves programming instructions for this part of therobot and power supply, including travel paths, travel speeds, and arccharacteristics such as constant voltage or pulses-on-pulse.
These programs can change arc features in a single program.
For example, robots and power supplies can be switchedon-
The pulse process when the arm moves to the vertical weld.
When the arm swings back to the horizontal Weld, the power supply can change back to a constant voltage.
Despite the small amount of unit production, robotic welding helps the entire process of the Crown, and programming storage and diversity is the reason.
\"This process has increased our productivity by at least five times,\" said Randy Spitzer, senior manufacturing engineer at Crown . \".
\"The weld is more consistent and the overall quality is better.
We perform destructive tests on each run, and the quality of the improvements is obvious.
Spitzer said that the robot is faster than manual welding of solville, and it can compensate for downtime related to automation even if it produces a device.
The new fixture eliminates the need for sticky welding used in manual operation and provides additional time.
Welding assessments save money for companies such as Lincoln Electric and finaco robots that do free welding assessments for companies like they do on the crown.
This process can increase productivity and, in some cases, improve the quality of finished products without increasing costs.
When the robot welding expert audit the operation and determine the cost, the investigation begins
Save opportunities and increase productivity.
If automation is a viable option, Lincoln Electric will simulate the automatic welding process in the laboratory and determine the cost savings.
\"Customers are grateful to see the parts welded.
It allows the production staff to see the performance of the proposed welding process at actual driving speed and cycle time-
For expected clearance and fixture tolerances, or how tolerant the process is if improvements in part assembly
Need up in order to make the application successful
Evicius, Automation Manager at Lincoln Electric, said.
This gives the company a sense of expected productivity gains to avoid any surprises after purchase.
It also allows the Finance Committee to make informed decisions with real data before investing in commitments to incorporate returns or returns --on-
Investment calculation. [
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For the Crown, robots pay for themselves in four months.
The company is considering adding more.
Automated surveys provide crown with due diligence and independent assessments, and its engineers provide assessments to senior management to support their own estimates.
During the whole investigation, Lincoln Electric, farnaco robotics and cronnidenti identified other production issues such as bottlenecks and welding quality.
The fixtures used in manual welding are dispersed throughout the unorganized storage area and in some cases are located off-site. [
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Today\'s newly discovered productivity, robot fixtures are mostly built on standard ized24 \"x36\" boards, which are stored in designated locations and classified in spreadsheets, and maintain according to the procedure description and the operation instructions of each part.
Miller said he wrote more than 70 welding instructions for two robots.
He designed these programs, so when the operator is ready for convex welding, the operator enters the corresponding code into the robot, puts the raw material into the fixture, and then clicks the Start button.
\"Operators like it because it\'s safer without more sweat and splash, and overall fatigue is low,\" Miller said . \".
Robot welding solves the various work of Crown on the thickness of carbon steel from 16 specifications to 3/4 \".
The Crown uses Lincoln\'s super arc L-56 wire in 0. 035 and 0. 045 diameters.
The original steel plate enters the factory first, where the laser is cut, formed, processed and welded to the final part in many cases.
From there it is painted and sent to the Assembly for final installation.
Parts production has been slow until automation, but several im-complete are organized throughout the process-
Said Spitzer.
First, it organizes the entire production process, as well as the precise procedures for each part.
It then reduces the space in the welding area, organizes a fixture for easy retrieval, and increases the flow of the assembled product.
The average soldering time for each part, he said, dropped from 5 to 10 minutes to 2 to 3 minutes.
Lincoln Electric robot is the 30 system and the 30 system.
Both units are dual-station units and the robot arm can work alternately between the two work areas.
When one side is changed to work, the robot is welded on the other side, Viceversa.
The operator replaces the finished product with the raw materials to be welded next.
In doing so, the robot is always in motion, saving nearly 80% of the total time.
This new productivity allows crown to start producing the fifth product at the Indiana factory without adding staff.
Spitzer said: \"Lincoln Electric and the robotics company of finaco have helped us achieve this change, but we chose these companies because they discovered these opportunities and made them work.
\"None of these products have had a device failure.
Lincoln Electric. Visit www. rsleads. com/811mn-
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