reinventing supertitles: how the met did it

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1995 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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$2 for 18 months tonight.
After the birth of the 7 million Metropolitan Opera House,
With the launch of ortro, starring Verdi, the new system for the public translation of stage opera vocabulary will be officially unveiled.
The system uses a single display on the back of the seat, which is very different from the standard Super title, so it has its own copyright name: Met title.
Its installation is a long attemptand-
The wrong process of testing Met technician skills, but the result even won the support of Met art director James Levin, who initially opposed the whole idea of the Super title (
His quote is \"on my body\".
Just 11 days ago, Joseph Volpe, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, stood in the side box on the magnificent floor of the Opera House, explaining the complex system.
The box is filled with unmounted screens and supporting railings;
The feeling of sticking out from the floor of the adjacent box-
A covered rod that grows branches on an unconnected wire.
\"You made me nervous . \"
Walpe said at a time when a tourist pointed out the chaos.
\"We are ready,\" he said . \"He was right.
Met management rejected the supertitle system used by most opera houses, where the translation was projected on a bar screen directly below the top of the stage.
Visit the house with Mr.
The staff of Volpe clearly stated the reasons for the rejection.
Given the great prospect of Met (
54 feet wide 54 feet high)
The title projected on the screen is invisible to certain parts of the house.
In addition, the distance from the stage to the family circle (the top tier)
About 140 feet.
Joseph Clark, technical director, said that when Met tested a standard supertitle system, \"We ended up having to use letters that were 9 inch tall, about twice as often, in order to make them readable.
\"This will allow many customers sitting in expensive orchestra seats to stretch their necks to read the huge titles.
Alternative systems for advertising Met in individuals 8-inch-by-2-
Inch computer screen: exactly 3,989 screens, one for each seat, 176 loyal customers standingroom areas.
Each screen has its own computer.
Installing the system can cause \"most manageable problems \". Clark said.
In all areas of the seat facing the stage, the screen has been installed on the railing above the back of each line and covered with fabric to match the deep red upholstery of Met. (
Even the seat in the front row of the band section has a screen attached to the railing around the band pit. )
Custom Machine cutting 8,154 feet
The aluminum extrusion designed fits the profile of each row.
After a computer, the screen is placed on the railing
Auxiliary analysis of Hall sight.
\"We hope that when everyone looks at the box of the word maker, each screen is directly in everyone\'s sight,\" said Mr. Catherine Malary.
Clark\'s technical assistant
But installing the screen in the side layer and in the side box, the seat is a chair that can be moved, which creates a more difficult problem.
Finally, a solution was found: the screen in the side box rotates on the vertical bar.
\"This is the way we work here, a way of drama, not industry,\" he said . \"Clark said.
\"You can\'t get all the answers when you decide to go on because you can\'t afford all the answers.
You convince yourself that you will find them and jump into the water.
Just like we built the scenery.
\"It\'s no surprise that there are other unexpected difficulties with this meeting, including its own underground concrete Capper, although not like Carnegie Hall.
To connect the system, electrical wiring (
\"It\'s enough to surround Manhattan . \"Mallary said)
Must be laid under the floor of the House, the house is basically poured concrete.
In some of the auditorium charts show 9 inch concrete support under the floor, and the results show 36 inch.
\"This requires a lot of drilling . \"Clark said.
From the beginning, the project was started by Mr.
Levin insists that anyone who does not want to use a supertitle should not be imposed on it. Mr.
Walpe agreed.
Therefore, the design of the display makes it impossible for people to see the title on the adjacent screen.
This still leaves the problem of seeing the screen in the line in front of you.
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\"Suppose someone got up and left,\" said the gentleman.
Volpe says, \"or is someone sitting in a seat in the two rows in front of you, but the screen is on?
We came up with a solution.
\"Infrared sensors are installed under each seat, and each display includes a device that can receive signals.
Therefore, if a person leaves the seat without turning off the screen, it will automatically turn off for a short period of time.
The technician of the control booth will adjust the brightness of the Met header display.
When the House is lit by a reflected stage lamp from a particularly bright scene, the display light turns on to make the text more visible.
When the stage lights dim, the display will dim accordingly.
In order to translate the ads, Met hired five experienced titles, as they said.
One of them, music writer Corey Ellison, recently attended the meeting during the rehearsal of Don Giovanni (
She translated it into one of the five operas under the Met title)
Make sure her text is inconsistent with the work.
\"Our goal is to translate as little as possible, but as much as possible . \"
Ellison explained.
\"For example, this raises the question in ensemble, where you can\'t translate everything.
Maybe I chose a voice that I thought was prominent in music or drama as the title.
Well, the stage director may have put that character on the Amsterdam Trail, and I think other people who aren\'t very important might be near the word box.
So I have to adjust my title. \"Ms.
Ellison added that all capital letters are used because the display is small (
For more clarity)
She tried to design the user\'s translationfriendly.
\"There are few adjectives in my title;
They are simple, but not simple.
We all try to stay as far away from the way we produce. \"Will English-
Language opera, like Philip Grasse\'s revival of voyage this season, is translated into the Met title?
\"Of course . \"Volpe.
\"You heard the sound of sailing.
Can you understand these words? I couldn\'t.
\"The tasks of the Met title are controlled in a newly cleaned section of the lighting control booth behind the orchestra.
Two people are required to run the system: a lead caller who monitors the product through headphones and video screens, pays close attention to the score, and calls \"next\" every time the new title expires \";
An engineer who actually runs a computer system
For now, Met will add a third person: Trouble-
Shooter, if there is a fault, he will serve the customer during the interval, which is Mr.
Clark said he did not want this to happen.
\"This system has a backup, a backup.
\"During the interval, the faulty screen can pop up and be replaced by a new screen in a few minutes.
The new technology raises questions that will only be answered after the system tries.
For example, will some customers find it distracting to shift attention from close to distant or tired?
Do people who need to read glasses get tired of their eyes? (
Compared to the neck strain of some people with standard Super champions, this may not be much. )
The agreement for the concert must be adjusted.
Orchestra customers will no longer be able to put coats on their seats without blocking the screens of people in a row behind them. Overall, Mr.
Volpe expects the Met Titles system to attract more people than ever to enter the full theater experience of the opera.
\"From the perspective of our test audience, their response is very positive,\" he said . \"
\"Even some people who are ready to hate them praised the system as the best solution.
\"But in order to use the Met title effectively, the public will have to be educated.
There is a note in the program manual for each show that reminds customers that if they open the screen and see nothing, it is almost certain because at that moment, no title is projected. Even Mr.
When Mr Levin first tried Met Tiles, he needed a class using Met TilesVolpe recalled.
\"Jimmy kept pressing the button and said, \'This doesn\'t work!
I told him you turned it off! It\'s working. Believe me. Relax.
\"A version of this article was printed on page C00011 of the National edition on October 2, 1995, with the title: Reshaping the super Title: How Met did it.
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