Recommended production equipment for high-efficiency broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-26
High-efficiency door and window equipment often means that we can provide qualified and good-quality aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges in the short term. For example, some double-head precision cutting saws are typical production tools. Let us put the price and cost of the equipment first. You have brought high-efficiency recommendations for production equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Aluminum profile CNC sawing center LJZD-CNC-500×6000 is suitable for high-efficiency sawing processing of aluminum profile, can continuously process 8 profiles, complete ±45° or 90° cutting, reduce feeding time, automatic feeding, automatic cutting , Automatic discharging, stable cutting process, ensuring cutting accuracy. Equipment features: The automatic feeding table can continuously and automatically clamp the profile for cutting processing. The moving parts all adopt high-precision linear guide pairs, which run smoothly and ensure processing accuracy. The manipulator movement adopts imported high-precision rack and pinion to ensure the accuracy of feeding. The imported motor is directly connected to the saw blade, cutting smoothly and high processing accuracy. Servo control sawing movement, higher efficiency and better cutting effect. The Siemens control system ensures stable and reliable operation of the equipment. The profile can be cut continuously at ±45° or 90°, which is more efficient. The shell is fully enclosed to ensure the safety of operators. Optional barcode printer to build E-Work digital factory system. Aluminum profile seven-axis CNC end milling machine LDX7-CNC-250 Equipment features: suitable for aluminum profile end milling to meet the coordination between the stile and the frame material, the seven-axis CNC system is suitable for different profiles, and the operation is quick and convenient. Multiple profiles can be milled at one time, which is suitable for large-volume, multi-variety processing technology. Store different profile programs in the computer, and change profiles without adjusting the cutter, which greatly improves work efficiency. The machine adopts numerical control technology, which can complete the automatic cutting of different specifications and sizes of profiles. When processing different profiles, there is no need to customize tools, thus shortening production preparation, cycle and cost. LM4S-100×2200×3000 Aluminum Door and Window CNC Four-head Corner Combining Machine Features: This machine is used for quick assembly of aluminum doors and windows, and can complete the corner-coded punching connection of four corners at one time. The pressing device automatically moves back and forth, easy to operate, and the window size is automatically adjusted. The frame is professionally welded by Anshan Iron and Steel and has undergone aging treatment. It adopts high-quality CNC system from Japan's Mitsubishi, taking into account both speed and precision. Through the torque monitoring function of the servo system, the four corners are automatically preloaded to ensure the accuracy of the group angle. The corner knives are easy to adjust front and rear, left and right, and adapt to the needs of different profiles. One-time framing can control the joints and flatness between profiles, making the quality of the framing predictable. The control system and the servo system are seamlessly connected, which greatly improves the control accuracy. Aluminum door and window horizontal double-head hinge machine LJZK-01 equipment features: suitable for the drilling of hinge mounting holes, sliding bracing holes, and four-link holes of aluminum doors and windows (outside windows, upper-hung windows, etc.). A total of 8 holes on both sides can be machined at the same time in one clamping, and the machining efficiency is high. The Taiwan high-precision multi-axis drill package is used, and the key rotating parts are all imported bearings to ensure processing accuracy and service life. Foot switch controls the action, easy to operate. 230
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