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After sorting out the research papers about agents
Virtual Environment, augmented reality, collision detection, simulation of machining operation, dynamic surface modeling, neural network
Imaging Technologies, virtual prototypes and virtual reality communities by authors from China, Germany, Australia, Greece, Spain and the United States are editors of virtual technologies for commercial and industrial applications: innovative collaborative approaches (www. igi-global. com)Mr N.
Raghavendra Rao is not too happy to have made any contribution to India.
\"When I wrote to some potential contributors in our country, they replied that the concept had nothing to do with their area of work,\" he said, during the recent interaction with the line of business (
Mr. Rao introduced that the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of virtual reality concepts in conjunction with collaborative technologies in multiple sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, marketing and business organizations.
He used an anecdote from his business application software development to explain the concept.
\"I have been to a textile factory in Coimbatore where our team is developing ERP packages.
In Textile Mills, the selection and mixing of cotton is a very important activity.
\"I have the opportunity to observe the general manager\'s choice,\" Mr. Rao began . \".
Please read on: \"All kinds of cotton are placed on the table.
The general manager mentally studied the mixture of cotton and the type of yarn to be produced, as well as the yarn for the particular type of fabric used for color combinations.
In addition, he is also thinking about issues related to production and marketing.
I was surprised by his mental abilities, and I think there must be a knowledge base in his head.
What he is actually doing is applying the concept of virtual reality . . . . . . \"My conversation with Mr. Rao continued in the email.
Excerpts from the interview.
What are the industry-oriented virtual reality applications?
Models and simulations are typically used to predict, make sales estimates, plan production operations, and implement financial controls.
Prediction and prediction are not always feasible in these applications.
In business, the concept of virtual reality is not immune to the noise pattern of the input data stream.
Once you know what is causing some Complex random noise patterns, you can predict them accurately.
The use of advanced powerful tools in collaborative technology, combined with the concept of virtual reality, can form a good business model.
Many complex business processes can be analyzed and better process improvements can be invented.
In the field of technology, the current process is very different from the type of information --
Processing systems and programs used in the past, the concept of virtual reality helps people visualize their own ideas, but also helps users-
The visual programming process of activation.
Do you see manufacturing companies eagerly testing new developments in information technology?
What is the challenge?
Many manufacturing companies are hesitant to test new developments in information technology.
This is because, in most manufacturing enterprises, the traditional process of product development is carried out in sequence.
Products from near-
In the development cycle, the autonomous design team will enter the next group.
Earlier this specialization might have had its advantages, but the generalisation between disciplines changed that view.
Organizational barriers hinder the ability to exchange relevant information between design groups.
The design error occurs because the relevant information is rejected after the development cycle.
However, successful projects today depend largely on inter-disciplinary cooperation.
There is a need to change the practices of manufacturing executives.
It would be even better if they followed the example of lawyers, chartered accountants and investment banker teams to execute specific transactions for businesses.
Can you briefly describe some of the key developments in virtual reality?
Edge industrial users?
Virtual Reality Applications strive to simulate real or imaginary scenarios through which users can interact and perceive the effects of their actions in real time.
Adding tactile information such as vibration, tactile array and force feedback can enhance the presence of the virtual environment.
For example, a virtual reality model can simulate three
Shaft milling machine, which can be integrated with a graphical model for calculating quantitative data that affects the roughness of the machined surface.
Collision detection is one of the enabling technologies in many fields such as virtual assembly simulation and physical simulation.
Medical training based on simulation, serious games and virtual reality. Neuro-
Marketing Technology helps marketers determine how consumers evaluate products, objects, or marketing information. Neuro-
Marketing is a new field of marketing using computer.
Simulate the environment.
there an opportunity for academia and industry to collaborate on industrial innovation using information technology?
Academia and industry can work together to create an innovative spirit, but the important question is the type that the innovation industry wants to pursue, because there are conflicting views among corporate executives.
Many times, once the ideas put forward by employees are put forward, they will not be encouraged because they are afraid of the unknown.
The impact of the general support of enterprises is very small, efficiency innovation.
Sometimes, it is a difficult proposition for businesses to abandon their emotional attachment to the products they design and develop.
Therefore, it is better for enterprises to fund university innovation products or enhance the functions of existing products.
However, this requires the university\'s professors to constantly update their new technologies;
In addition, they need to keep in touch with their global counterparts.
Students engaged in development and research activities with such professors are available for employment from the first day of joining the industry.
In addition, employees with research tendencies can be sent to universities where their businesses are associated with development/research activities related to their products.
In this process, as more and more employees adopt an innovative attitude, they successfully find new and better ideas and enhance their strength.
Any other place of interest.
Due to the development of information technology, the old industry and well-known brands are facing fierce competition.
It forces companies to rethink their business models and organizational policies to increase their market share.
Enterprises that use technology fast and flexible will be able to deliver products and services to customers at a faster speed.
The harsh reality of technology is that machines can replace people.
The site replaced the sales staff.
Technology allows DIY (do-it-yourself)
Provide convenience for customers.
Therefore, in order to remain competitive, enterprises must keep up with the pace of the new concept.
* Interview attractions. blogspot.
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