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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-26
My friend and I thought about building a CNC machine for a while.
But we don\'t want it to be just a normal CNC machine.
We want to make a very unique machine with unique properties.
We started to build a CNC machine that can perform different types of machining.
Such as walking, laser engraving, 3D printing, tug, etc.
It took us about a few months to design the basics of the machine.
For example, what kind of straight line motion do we have for each axis, what kind of material do we use to make it, etc.
We chose our building area to be 24X7.
A few months after completing all the work, we took the first step in actually making the machine.
Note: This is made for ordinary consumers, home users and people who don\'t have the money to invest $1000 in CNC routers or 3D printers.
Our best choice for materials is Baltic birch plywood, which will be the most cost-effective but also the most reliable.
I was separated from my teacher (2)sheets of it.
One is 3/4 and the other is 1/2, which is enough.
We all paid $36, so the two sheets of Lenco Lumber were about $72.
I also used cross pin and 1/4 Philips head bolts to connect the gantry bolts together and used 3/8 screw bars which you can buy at Home Depot.
Plus some miscellaneous parts I can\'t think.
It depends on how you make your machine and everything is up to about $250.
Also, I used angular aluminum and skateboard bearings for my track and carriage, I bought hundreds of bearings on Ebay for $40, the more you buy, the cost per bearing
You can find angle aluminum in Home Depot.
I recently added a part list, cost and where to get everything.
The first step in building the machine is the gantry, this is the first time I have built anything near the CNC machine and I find it best to start with the gantry.
You can use the break down view to help you put everything together.
For the base I used 2x4 and tore 1/4 off each side of the table saw to be as flat as possible.
Then I made a twist plate with them.
I screwed a mid-slim board on it to make the base as flat as possible.
This will prevent inaccurate measurement during processing.
You can use animations to help you put everything together.
The x-axis and z-axis are the things you want to spend your time with, because this is very important for whether your machine is working or not. .
Also, in order to adjust your X-
Because it can change over time.
The view of the explosion should help you.
We decided to use TinyG v8 on the control board.
It is very flexible in terms of software type, a and firmware, but I will discuss this further in the next few steps.
For TinyG, we need a 24 V power supply to power 3 mahogany 23 stepping motors for each shaft.
I got all three stepping motors and three coupling for around $90 on StepperOnline. com.
I got on the TinyG synthetos.
$136 including taxes and freight charges.
I connect each motor to its shaft, at X-axis.
All motors go to each step driver on the TinyG board.
Also, make sure to check your stepping wire sets as you may damage them if you don\'t have the right one.
It\'s very helpful to organize your wiring as it can be a pain, but figure out where to go.
Once you have everything connected, you can map each motor to each axis in the software, and this template knows which axis is which axis.
This CNC machine is very important because we run this machine using a credit card size computer aka.
Raspberry pie.
You will connect Raspberry Pi like any other computer.
Also, in the last picture, I drew the way everything is connected to give you a better idea of the electronics.
We will discuss the software next.
The software that we choose best for this machine is Chilipeppr.
We chose this software because it is very flexible about what you can do with a machine.
It gives you a bunch of workspace for different boards and other types of machining you are using.
The workspace we chose was the tablet workspace because the Raspberry pi was basically run by the phone processor.
Since Chilipeppr is an api and it is a web-based program, it must be accessed online.
You also need to run a serial port for Chilipeppr so that it can communicate with TinyG via USB.
Basically, you download the serial port JSON server from the Chilipeppr website and run it in the terminal before starting Chilipeppr on the machine, Note: When using the machine, the serial port JSON server must be running all the time.
Also, note: You can\'t download the serial JSON server through the console, it will automatically decompress your files, so your Serial Port can\'t run because you need the application.
After you have done all this, you can configure the TinyG board through the CLI in Chilipeppr and you can view all the configuration commands, you can go to the TinyG wiki if you need help, it will show you everything about TinyG and Chilipeppr.
This is still a work in progress and we are now working on 3D printing with the machine and adding other tools to the machine.
The last picture in this slide is the second Test of the machine and the first Test is the Chilipeppr logo seen in the software slide.
The machine works very well and there will be more to come.
We will keep you informed as more progresses.
Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our project!
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