pse&g extinguishes princeton fire after milling machine strikes gas line

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-28
The Federal Reserve fire that destroyed a brand
New road milling machines and people forced to leave their homes today have been put out, police said.
PSE & G workers are able to work in six-
This morning, the inch gas pipeline was broken through and took away fuel that allowed the flame to burn upwards from the street.
The fire began at about 8: 30, when the milling machine broke the gas pipeline. m.
Burn until about 2: 40. m.
Because shutdown & G is facing difficulties when closing, Sgt.
Said Mike siffley.
\"If they close the main line, the town will run out of gas for about a quarter,\" he said . \".
This afternoon, as the flame passes through a gap in the pavement on uynne Street, the workers face a dilemma: they cannot stop the gas flowing as the milling machine is in place, said cifelli, they couldn\'t move the milling machine because it was on fire.
Police said a private company was using the machine for road milling this morning.
Two hours of use-
The first and only time to use it
Before it hit the buried gas pipeline, a fire broke out at about 8: 30 a. m. m.
It quickly consumed the machine and spread to a tree.
Firefighters were able to quickly put out the tree fire, but could not put out the flames caused by the gas that fled up to the street.
There were no reports of injuries.
Eight houses were ordered to be evacuated, and although these residents can now return, they will not have gas until the repair is completed by PSE & G.
Yuin Street is closed between North Harrison Street and togheng Road and Cuyler Avenue between Yuin Street and Walnut Lane.
Police said there were no signs of misconduct by the milling machine driver.
Princeton\'s engineering department is investigating how the road re-laying works can cause the gas pipeline to break and cause a fire.
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