projecta - the diy desktop cnc machine for pcb prototyping

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-05
Project ta is a desktop CNC machine that is engraved with a layer of ink on the surface of the board to prepare for acid etching for your beautiful PCB design.
On Kickstarter until the sun, Project Schedule a at 10: 03 02:00 p. m. on September 18, 2016?
Affordable price.
It will cost you a lot of money to buy an ordinary desktop CNC machine tool, so we designed this machine with our dedicated spindle to make everyone affordable.
Also, compared to other PCB methods, project ta will always be at the top of the competition, as it does not require any special tools or materials to be produced, and as such, the running cost is always very zero.
The machine is for all people who start making PCB from students and families
Inventor of professional engineer
Fast cooperation with old
School method for PCB manufacturing, you need to spend a lot of time working on a PCB, developing a film or transferring ink, which can take a while, \"project ta can make a PCB in a few minutes.
From now on, you don\'t have to make a movie on a layer press or calculate the number of seconds, and the iron has restored the work of the original ironing clothes.
Give the PCB to project ta and it knows what to do.
Clean item a quiet and clean, no effort will make you exhausted in cleaning
Up process after each PCB.
Print and use with project ta.
There is no need to provide conductive ink for 3D printers, no need to resist photo films and developers, no need for a laminating machine or any other material, you always have to buy these materials to make a PCB.
All you need is a simple marker that will last a lot of automatic pcb locks to ensure safety and stability
When the drawer works, it takes a lot of steps to lock the lock of the drawer, a special workplace, with chemical experience. . . Etc.
All Project ta needs is a USB cable and some click buttons.
Easy to use!
Plug and Play USB interface!
The software of the Independent project ta delivers the print job to the machine for storage in memory, allowing the machine to continue running without being bound by the computer.
Here is a video showing the whole process of project ta in real time.
Cover the PCB board with any available metal mark (
Instead of the photoresist film)
Inside the machine, there is a engraving drill connected to a mechanical piston that applies pressure when moving in three dimensions, engraving the ink layer, not the copper layer, and shape the circuit on the PCB design in a very fast technology, producing the same quality and resolution achieved by the photoresist dry film (few minutes)
Then you get your design with only the etching steps left. 1-
Complete the design and export the Gerber file on any PCB design software. 2-
Generate engraving code using any tool you are familiar. 3-
Color the PCB with metal marks and fix it on the drawer. 4-
Use the software we will provide you with to download the code on project ta.
Our special spindle will engrave the design in a few minutes and upon completion you will be able to open the drawer and get the PCB.
The Project ta is made of plastic, so its body has little weight.
There are stepping motors and shafts in the box.
Project ta works with the USB interface to maximize ease of use.
PCB minimum specification is as follows: o minimum trace width: 0.
2mmo minimum clearance: 0.
PCB thickness allowed for 3mmo: 0. 2mm-
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