production process of spiral coil welding steel pipe

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-26
Main production process of spiral coil welded steel pipe.
Revisit the plate: after the steel plate enters the production line, the ultrasonic inspection of the whole steel plate is carried out first; B.
Edge milling: two edge double through steel plate edge milling machine
Double-sided milling so that it meets the requirements of the parallelism and groove shape of the plate, plate edge; C.
Bending surface: the plate is bent by folding machine, so that the edge has the curvature that meets the requirements; 2. D.
Molding: On the JCO forming machine, after multi-step stamping, the plate is bent in half, the pressure is \"J\" shape, the steel plate is bent in the other half, and the same pressure becomes \"C\" shape, after forming, the opening \"O\" shape is finally formed, I . E.
Pre-welding: making steel pipe joints and using continuous gas protection welding (MAG)welding, F.
In terms of welding: wire submerged arc welding lines with more columns (up to 4)
Welded steel pipe in straight seam; G.
Welding: Spiral submerged arc welding steel pipe welding adopts multi-line submerged arc welding; H.
Ultrasonic Inspection: The inside and outside of the weld of the spiral steel pipe and the weld on both sides of the bottom 100%; I. X-
Ray: X-100 % of internal and external welds
The image processing system is used to ensure the sensitivity of the inspection; J.
The diameter of the hole and the diameter of the hole increase the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe and improve the internal stress distribution of the steel pipe. 2. K.
Water pressure test: after the steel pipe water pressure testing machine has passed the root inspection and expansion hole, in order to ensure that the test pressure of the steel pipe meets the standard requirements, the machine has the function of automatic recording and storage; L.
Chamfer: after the steel pipe has passed the inspection of the pipe processing, it meets the dimensional requirements of the pipe end slot; M.
Ultrasonic Inspection: after the root is examined by ultrasonic inspection, check again whether the hole diameter and water pressure of the straight seam welded steel pipe may cause defects; N. X-
Ray: after hole expansion and water pressure test for tube X-
Inspection of Ray industrial TV and shooting of pipe welds; O.
Magnetic powder inspection of pipe end: check on this and find pipeline defects; P.
Anti-corrosion coating: the qualified steel pipe is anti-corrosion coating according to the user\'s requirements.
Main standard SY5036-83 (
Spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe pressurized fluid delivery)SY5037-83 (
General low pressure fluid conveying spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe)
Industry standard SY/T5037-2000 (oil industry)GB/T9711. 1-1997 (
Oil and gas industry for conveying steel pipes)SY/T5040-92 (
Screw pile)
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