Product features of five-axis CNC end milling machine for aluminum profile

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-22
Aluminum profile five-axis CNC end milling machine is mainly used for profile end milling machine of aluminum doors and windows. The five-axis CNC face milling machine is also suitable for processing step surfaces and end slots. With a large working table and long cutting stroke, it can grind 6 to 10 profiles in one operation. With adjustable cutting tools, it does not need to change milling cutters when changing different configuration files to save tool production cycle and cost. Features: 1. As the diameter of the tool is larger, the quality of the machined surface is better. 2. The hydraulic damping cylinder is a cutting tool used to advance the material to achieve a more stable operation. The aluminum profile end milling machine can realize automatic feeding, so it can reduce a lot of labor intensity. The tool feed adopts linear bearing motion pair to ensure a stable process. 4. Multiple sets of tools can work simultaneously or individually, according to different configuration files. 5. Because of the adjustable workbench tool setting is very convenient. 6. The processing angle of Parker aluminum profile end milling machine is adjustable from 30 to 90 degrees. 7. The thickened splint can prevent the company from deforming. 8. Ultra-precision spindle ensures accurate and stable processing. The tool spindle is connected by a coupling, and the rotation accuracy of the motor spindle can not affect the machining accuracy of the aluminum profile end milling machine. Advantage 1. It is used for the processing of the reinforced mid-straight end face of aluminum profile to adapt to the fit of different cross-section profiles. The profile is fixed and the tool moves. The vector frequency conversion speed control device is adopted. The feed speed is adjustable and the tool is quickly retracted. The vertical blade saw blade is milled in one time. The required size of multiple reinforced mid-stiff profiles is high in efficiency. 2. The cutting tool can be adjusted up and down and left and right to adapt to the processing of different shapes and sizes. The adjustable cutting tool makes it unnecessary to order the cutting tool when processing different profiles, thus shortening the production preparation cycle and reducing the cost. 3. The tool diameter is large, the cutting speed is high, and the quality of the machined surface is good. It can realize the molding and processing of long profiles in multiple quantities and batches. Five sets of combined tools can be combined into any size, and one pass can realize milling to the required tenon size on the end face of the profile.
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