+p one wire, one gas, one machine cut welding costs $2,000 per day: a wisconsin fabricator has found what might be the \'holy grail\' of fabricating: one wire, one gas, and one welding machine for virtually all production welding requirements--and it save

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Operating under the principle of continuous improvement and elimination of waste and the theory of 5S (
Sort, simplify, sweep, standardize, maintain)
OEM manufacturers (Woodville, WI)
By standardizing a wire, a gas, and a welding system welded by almost all soft steel, it has a flow welding operation with a thickness of 1/8. Where an ER70S-
6 wire provides acceptable mechanical performance and OEM manufacturers now use 0. 045\" ER70S-
Line 6, 90/10 ar/C 【O. sub. 2]
Protection gas and Accu-Pulse[TM](GMAW-P)
28 welding process provided by new Axcess [TM]multi-
MIG welding system made by Miller Electric. Co. (Appleton, WI).
As a result, the OEM reduced the daily welding cost by $2,000 and plans to pay for the new welding system in about six months.
OEM manufacturers meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers, providing manufacturing, welding, processing, shot blasting, painting and assembly services.
The company provides services to more than 80 customers in several industries, focusing on customers in the field of construction and agricultural equipment manufacturing.
It takes on projects from large OEMs, manufactures their parts and optimizes their processes to improve the efficiency of the parts at lower cost and with fewer changes.
It makes parts with carbon steel such as astm A36, A572, A514, A500, A513 and 4130;
316 L and 304 L stainless steel and 6061-T6 aluminum. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The source of waste itscustomers to OEM manufacturers many welding procedures were established 20 or 30 years ago and have not changed since then.
The welding pieces required to manufacture heavy construction and agricultural equipment usually include a variety of different materials, joint combinations and joint positions.
Using old technology, 75/25 [ar/C] is often requiredO. sub. 2]
Protect gas with GMAW short circuit
Circuit transmission of thin cross section and out-of-
Position the weld and switch to full
Position fcaw electrode at 100% °c [O. sub. 2]
The protection gas of the thick part of the flat and horizontal parts to complete the welding.
\"In addition to the loss of 15 minutes each time the operator stops to replace the gas and wires, and the change of welding parameters, there is cleaning
\"The time and cost of grinding the disc,\" said Scott Exner, manufacturing engineer . \".
\"Whenever I see a pad with grinding marks all over the place, as a manufacturing engineer, the first thing I see is how much we spend to get someone to do that.
At present, about half of the manufacturing costs per dollar are labor costs.
\"Every time we back up in the process, we \'ve taken one time and now the operators are starting to do it again, so the cost is high,\" Exner continued . \".
\"In addition, the operator did not complete what he was supposed to do, which is three times the labor force for a given welding part.
I calculated that a lot of our welding batteries have lost 2.
Productivity every 10-75 hours
Hours shift due to old welding technology and its inherent shortcomings.
\"OEM has been trying to keep an eye on the cutting edge of technology and heard about GMAW-
It is possible to eliminate the loss of productivity.
In the past, the company tested the miller\'s sinverter power supply paired with the 60m feeder for GMAW
P, and asGMAW-
P system for other manufacturers. [
Slightly] Illustrations
However, Exner said: \"Before the Axcess system was launched, we have not yet found a welding system that can meet the different needs, teachability and user friendliness of our workshop environment.
\"I can\'t fine tune the arc without rocket scientists.
Because of the complexity of the technology, it is difficult for operators to learn it, and in some cases they are highly frustrated, so they will not accept the system.
\"The shift of skeptics looking for more efficient equipment, Exner heard from his welding dealer about the benefits of the new Miller pulse MiG system.
Despite the skepticism of Exner, he attended a presentation and planned a final test of the new Miller system: no wire replacement, no gas replacement, without changing some simple settings, he plans to do a fillet weld on 1/8 of the steel, and then \"hogtrogh\" on the weld\"-
Raise the wire feeding speed to a level far above the production speed, and carry out the fattest welding he can do on the thick plate. The Results?
Within two months, more than a dozen Axcess placeat systems were contracted.
More than Axcess
MIG welding system is a digital system that combines flexible power conversion hardware with welding application software.
According to the manufacturer, it can produce almost any conceivable physical arc feature or waveform.
A simple interface prompts the operator to enter the required wire type, wire diameter, gas combination, and process.
The power supply then selects data from its application software library to provide the best solution.
After that, the operator selects the required wire feeding speed, and the system maintains a constant arc length throughout the appropriate weldingrange.
Axcess power supply can be produced at 300,450 or 675-
Amp Output, matching service applications from manual welding of thin gauge materials to heavy-duty automated production operations. GMAW-
P training AccuPulse changed the idea of Exner because it was easier to control and teach.
The AccuPulse process controls the current and voltage so that it is within the optimal range of a specific wire type and diameter, wire feeding speed, and gas combination (
Other pulse transmission technologies only control current). [
Slightly] Illustrations
The control scheme starts with increasing the current.
Once the target current is reached at the beginning of each stage, the constant current (CC)
Control switch and constant voltage (CV)
Control loop opens.
The CV loop adjusts the current within the range of holding the target voltage.
This has nothing to do with contact tips-to-
Working distance, which enables the equipment to perform in a very short length characteristic, optimizing the welding performance and the attractiveness of the operator.
Exner knows that he needs to implement a training program to get all the benefits that this technology can bring to his company.
He pointed out that welding operators are special because there are not many people sitting under the 85 [Hood]degrees]
The humidity is 100% days, looking at 6,000 [degrees]
An Fahrenheit arc on a piece of hot steel.
After 25 years, they (welders)
There is a feeling of inner comfort that they have complete control over their world.
Then, when something new comes up, it takes them out of the comfort zone completely and has the potential to make them look bad.
They want to do a good job, they want them to know the tools they can use, and now you have to take it away.
Before we do this, we have to convince the operators that this new tool is actually a better one. They must feel in their hearts that it provides them with better puddle control.
\"Consistent with the ability to set welding parameters, all operators working with the system\" mainly use the same arc length and arc control settings \", Exner said \".
\"Once they have these two numbers set, they just need to adjust the wire feed speed.
This fits well with my \"one wire, one gas, one machine, one knob motto\" and is important in terms of quality.
For our customers, the first product now looks like the tenth or hundred.
With the old technology, we won\'t have the same carrier. to-
Operator consistency.
Like many digital power supplies and wire feeders, Axcesssystem is able to lock parameters within the set range specified by the engineer.
\"Now we are recording programs for different cells and figuring out which numbers are working,\" Exner said . \".
\"In the end, we will program the feeder to programs that may have two or three lock ranges.
In this way, an inexperienced welder can hardly make mistakes.
Basically, he has to open the welder and weld it.
He does not have to be bothered by engineering.
\"The ability to exchange software or welding procedures has benefited one of the OEM\'s largest customers.
\"We have done a lot of work for a large manufacturer of building equipment that also uses Axcess systems and AccuPulseprocess,\" Exner noted . \".
\"They can send it to us by email
Mail, a program that I can put in my palm [TM]
From there we can program our welders.
Now our people Weld in exactly the same way as their people, even though they are a few miles away.
\"OEM can now save a lot of cost and weld almost all the soft steel to 0. 045\" ER70S-
6 solid wire and 90/10 protection gas and its high strength steel, 0. 045\" E100S-
Exner sees another opportunity for OEMs to reduce welding costs: moving wires and installing bulk gas systems.
An OEM with a standard gas cylinder lasting two or three days, OEM had to find someone inside to manage 75 to 80 gas cylinders.
Most of these costs are eliminated using a bulk gas system (
OEM still use gas cylinders for TIG welding and mixing of stainless steel).
As for filler metal, OEM operators can store about 60 lbs.
Metal every day.
Instead of using 35 lbs alone. or 60 lb.
The operator spends 15 to 20 minutes a day replacing wirespools of the line shaft, and the OEM now uses 600. and 900 lb.
Drum and eliminate this invalid time.
The change from the core to the core also reduces the cost. Atypical high-strength E110T-
The price of 1K3 FCAW wire is about $7/lb.
, The cost of producing asolid wires of the same mechanical strength is about $4/lb.
The solid line also reduces the deposition efficiency from 91% (FCAW)
Pulse Spray transfer to 98%.
The deposition rate is also higher than 10. 8 lb. /hr.
According to the OEM, the acceleration process is a real pulse MIGperfected.
\"Pulse MiG offers a lot of promises in terms of benefits, but you can never deliver on that,\" Exner said . \".
\"No one can get the benefits of a wire, a gas, a machine.
Now there is a technology that is advanced enough to allow people to accept the benefits of pulse MiG without any shortcomings.
\"The goal of an OEM wire, a gas, a machine and a process becomes a reality.
Through the achievement of this goal, the company Exnerestimates eliminated up to 2.
75 hours of non-production time per day.
With an average labor burden rate of $25 to $32 per hour, OEM has the potential to save up to $80 per employee per day.
Manufactured by MillerElectric. Co. www. rsleads. com/504mn-
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